02 July 2014

Summer Gateway: Redang Island


It’s July, my favourite month of all! This year is even awesome because July is the month where I start to enter my career chapter, beside that it is also the month of my birthday and the time I started my awesome relationship six years ago!

So it has to be my favourite month, it has to!

Cute vintage car along in Kuala Terengganu

Anyway, my boyfriend was sweet enough to suggest that we should celebrate our anniversary a week earlier at Redang Island (it was his idea after all!) with his close cousins. I thought that since I have done with my university, I deserved to have a great gateway from the busy streets of the city. Besides, I love summer beach wear! Yep, we are talking about bikini, babes :D I purposely went bikini hunting days before the trip so that I could flaunt my curvy figure like nobody business!


My summer nails from Posh! nail spa

We went for a snorkelling trip for 3D2N at Redang Beach Resort, my boyfriend and I share a common interest which is water activities. Both of us love to explore underwater wonders but are to afraid to dive at the same time #FAIL big time. Anyway, it is rare that we share the same interest, he loves staying at his room while I love to go out all the time, we have to compromise a lot or he always the one who compromise more than me #LOL that’s why I love him so much.

Pardon me for my lovely dubby stuff, moving on. I am regret that I didn’t bring an underwater camera with me cuz I thought my friends did not need it. Boy, I was sooo wrong. My waterproof phone case was spoilt and boyfie #DIEALSODONTWANT let me to bring my phone along in our snorkelling trip, it was too risky for me he said so I’m going to share the beach photos instead.



Chill by the beach. 


The famous Mo Mo Cha


Special effect using Olympus E-PL5

I actually enjoyed the trip very much and 3D2N is too short for me, if you are planning to go to Redang Island, 4D3N is a suitable days for playing and relaxing by the beach. Since we signed up the snorkelling package, we should have another extra day for us to actually spend the whole day playing beach activities such as Frisbee, beach volleyball and kayaking! Man, I should have stayed another night just to enjoy the sunny beach. No doubt I was able to relax and free from stress, it does I swear! Meals were prepared and schedule had been planned, I did not have to worry about anything at all! Just enjoy the fantastic view of South China Sea was all I did over there.


Lace top | Forever 21
Shorts | Forever 21
Bikini | Pink n Proper


Thank you for bringing me to this unforgettable trip! I was a happy child playing the sand and sea water, enjoying the stunning view and having you by my side :) It’s still early but I have to say Happy 6th Year Anniversary hubby! I still love you so much despite of the fights and undeniable random thoughts that you have all the time. We might be different but being with you is the happiest time of my life!




  1. Hi Camy, thank you for your compliment! It was my first time been to Redang, you should go there, it's relaxing! ;)

  2. Sexy sexy!! U so sexy!!!!

  3. Really or not geh? :D Thank you for your compliments <3