01 July 2014

Eskayvie: Redianze and I-Qids


Hello smexies, I was invited to attend a product launch from Eskayvie, a local brand that produces various health and beauty supplement which are designed to preserve and promote one’s health. I have to say that Eskayvie is a friendly brand because they introduced our community – Butterfly Project in the poster :)


The event was mainly focused on the brand and products development. The CEO of Eskayvie, Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri explained the purpose of this brand is to enhance a person’s health which would eventually enhance a person’s appearance. With the pollution that we are living with, it is important to have healthy lifestyle and consumer healthy food and supplement to rejuvenate the body. His presentation was informative and lively as well, his humour was brilliant when he explained the medical treatments so that we layman could understand him.



One of the star products is Eskayvie Rediance. It is a collagen product, where we could consume to absorb all the advanced nutrition for beauty and health. The product is an advanced cellular nutrients formulation that supplements the body. It also helps to protect our skin from oxidative damage that causes degeneration of the cells which leads to premature aging. It is important to maintain the balance of our collagen because the decrease rate of collagen is 1.5% per year. Many of us assume that less collagen is mainly lead to premature aging but it more than that! The reduce of collagen would affect the muscular-skeletal system and conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and loss of muscle tone can occur, it is also could lead to organs damage such as heart, liver and prostate! Hence, consuming collagen would actually helps to replenish the body for a healthier lifestyle!


Redianze comes in sachet (Price: W RM160 | E RM176). To consume the supplement drink, all you have to stir the powder with cold water. However, I found out that it is hard to dissolve in the water with just stirring. To overcome this, why not shaking it instead? It is easier than stirring method lol (in my opinion!) Anyway, the taste of Redianze is not as bad as I thought initially. It has a slight peach flavour which is delightful to drink :) I love the fact that it serve with cold water because I personally love cold drinks!




The another product Eskayvie introduced was I-Qids (Price: W RM59 | E RM64), a breakfast drink which comprises of good quality ingredients that provide all the nutrients for children healthy growth. A proper nutrition is important for children in their health development. We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for kids these days, especially in absorbing knowledgeable information. I-Qids is specially made as a brain food for kids, with its cutting edge R&D formulation which is highly beneficial to the kids in one synergistic drink. Did you know that I-Qids is suitable for adults too? I have not tried it yet because I still have other morning supplement drinks. Once I have done with the current drink, I would review this for you guys :) Won’t it be great to have chocolate drink before kick starting an awesome day?


Overall, the event was super insightful and I got to meet up with other rama-rama! It was a great opportunity not only to learn more stuff but also to meet new people! Too bad I always the shy shy one >.<


Pretty ladies I met: Shini, Jennifer and Janice


With Yuh Juin


Both lovely ladies: Trislynn and Frankie


and the new bae I met: Nicole and Carynn

My dear smexies, you might want to check Redianze out because it has many positive reviews across the country! Redianze is available at major pharmacy stores in Malaysia. You could also check Eksyavie website: http://www.eskayvie-store.com/Eskayvie-Redianze



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