17 July 2014

Astro On The Go #OlaBola


As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I will be attending some campuses along with Astro On The Go to enjoy the exciting afternoon with the students! The first campus I went was HELP University (where I studied for my degree programme), the weather was so hot but it didn’t stop the students to enjoy the fun of Astro On The Go campaign activities! I went to Sunway University the very next day and boy, it was so crowded! Many students were eager to know more about the AOTG app :D

P6110248 P6110236

Most of the guys were thrilled when AOTG announced that they will be getting a FIFA World Cup official merchandises through participating their fun activities! However, there are girls as well would like to take the challenge (CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!) I wanted to participate as well but my right leg was injured from falling the stairs few months back >< P6110259

But it was fun to see how they enjoyed the activities! Who says girl doesn’t watch football huh?




It’s true that football unites all of us together regardless where do we come from. With Astro On The Go, we could be united to watch our favourite team raging in the field or enjoy the best drama on the earth! We are talking about Games of Throne and Running Man here! :P The app is absolutely free in registration, to have most of the benefits on the app. All you can to have to do is to link your Astro Smart Card with the app, that’s it! Simple right?


If you are not an Astro subscriber, no worries! You will still able to watch the basic access channels on the app such as AWANI, selected Arena content and movies. Moreover, Astro is currently having several packages for you to choose from RM5 only! Impressive huh?


Impressive huh? For more information, check out at Astro website: https://onthego.astro.com.my/




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