Astro On The Go #OlaBola


As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I will be attending some campuses along with Astro On The Go to enjoy the exciting afternoon with the students! The first campus I went was HELP University (where I studied for my degree programme), the weather was so hot but it didn’t stop the students to enjoy the fun of Astro On The Go campaign activities! I went to Sunway University the very next day and boy, it was so crowded! Many students were eager to know more about the AOTG app :D

Blast off the germs with Bloop


Summer Gateway: Redang Island


It’s July, my favourite month of all! This year is even awesome because July is the month where I start to enter my career chapter, beside that it is also the month of my birthday and the time I started my awesome relationship six years ago!

So it has to be my favourite month, it has to!

Eskayvie: Redianze and I-Qids


Hello smexies, I was invited to attend a product launch from Eskayvie, a local brand that produces various health and beauty supplement which are designed to preserve and promote one’s health. I have to say that Eskayvie is a friendly brand because they introduced our community – Butterfly Project in the poster :)