04 June 2014

In the midst of summer

A week after the end of my final year in degree programme was nice. Just kidding, it has become the time where I have to face to reality – looking for a job.

I’m not whining, I am just amazed who am I now after 24 years. Remember back in schooling days where a teacher would love to ask What I do I want to do when I grow up? And kids like us would suggested something like teacher, fire fighter, business man, police or even astronaut. Life was simple back then, not much of pressure.

and that explained my academic progression. lol.

Now, beside of thinking of which industry/field to start my career I have to consider the venue of the office, traffic, salary/benefit, opportunity and benefit. There are just so many things to consider about before applying or joining a company. It is not as simple as we thought it was back in primary school lol.

Personally, I would love to join in a PR/advertising firm. Judging from my friends and family, I am a person who loves to run around the city and not staying in a cubicle for whole day. My brother suggested that marketing should be a good stepping-stone for learning opportunity. Beside that, I also want to be a part of social media strategy team in learning how to influence the consumers through the digital world.

Decisions, decisions. Ooh! I definitely will be continuing my blog after a serious consideration. Yes true, I was thinking to quit for awhile because I was afraid I couldn’t balance my life with this interests. However, imaging my life without blogging, I wouldn’t be here to share my thoughts and opinions of the stuff that I love with you! My readers would be devastated if I quit!

I do appreciate my dear readers because when I was hiatus for few months, several readers actually reached me and were concerned about my hiatus. I was super busy in my final semester, drama and work, I had to be stern to my schedule in completing my assignments and project.

But now, I’m back for more!

I hope that you have not give up on me lol. I will improve in blogging and shall share some bits of my new chapter with you! FYI, I will be hitting to an island SOON and planning to share my way in packing light and other vacation related posts *fingers crossed*

Thank you for supporting me throughout my blogging journey, my dear smexies!

I love you!

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  1. haha welcome to working life! trust me if u work as PR u will not hv time for blog... hhahaha... i think marketing is better n more fun!