07 June 2014

Astro On The Go is coming to your campus!

Harroo, smexies!

I’m sure most of the Malaysians are familiar with Astro, it is a direct broadcast satellite pay TV service provider from Malaysia. Astro offers 170 channels, including several High Definition channels for enhancing the watching experience. Astro has engraved in my life in a very young age, where I started to addict to Disney Channel for so many reasons (High School Musical, anybody?)

Anyway since I have entered to my university life, I had seldom time to watch my favourite shows on Astro because of assignments and to attend those extra lectures and tutorials. I had to check out the repeat show times and it was just so terrible. Fortunately enough Astro recently introduced Astro On The Go where we could watch our favourite shows and live events through our smartphones, tablets and PCs everywhere we go!

Which mean I could watch all of my favourite K-dramas on my trusty tablet. Do Min Joon shi~ *glittery eyes*

Register on AOTG is absolutely free with the basic assess to channels, such as Astro Awani, selected channels and contents. However, if you are already an Astro subcriber, just link your Astro Smart Card to your AOTG account to enjoy even more! If you are not a Astro customers, fret not! You could still enjoy through subscribing more channels from RM5/day or RM10/month! Purchase single pay per view with no contract is also available such as movies and BLP matches, so you wouldn’t miss your favourite shows!

And the best part is, Astro On The Go is having various campaigns at the local campus sites where they are bringing the excitement and packages for students like us! Be sure to head down to the selected campus to experience the fun and you might stand a chance to win a free ONE month access to premium content on AOTG. Well, you won’t be empty-hand back because there are so many goodies and exciting games await you!



9th June SEGI University Kota Damansara
10th June Multimedia University (Cyberjaya)
11th June HELP University
12th June Sunday University

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and participate the fun with Astro On The Go your nearest campus!

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