27 May 2014

XES Signature - The Zodiac Collection

Good day smexies!

In March, XES launched XES Signature - a new label which is intended to create more upscale look, with the elements of fun and glam! I was invited to attend XES Signature exclusive preview of its debut collection, 12 pairs of heels representing each zodiac. 

Hence, the introduction of The Zodiac Collection by XES! The debut collection preview event was held at Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF) 2014. 

 The host of the event was sweet and lovely when she introduced the zodiac collection. *Spotted! She was wearing Gemini by XES Signature* XES Signature Zodiac Series is designed to represent every woman's different yet unique personality, with a touch of fun and glam!

Celebrities who attended the preview event.
Each guest was given a pair of their favourite zodiac series. Although my horoscope is Cancer, I fall love with Libra in red. The design is simple yet stylish, suitable for daily wear (which is why I adore this pair of wedges). It might seems as high wedges but it is really comfy to wear, I always wear this pair of wedges to classes and daily errands and it doesn't hurt a bit.

Wedges: XES Signature's Zodiac Collection - Aries
Wore my favourite maxi dress with a sticking red accent from top to bottom.
Tempting to check out what are the rest of the collection? Here is a slide show for you to seek your zodiac and the designs of XES Signature's Zodiac Collection!
littlemisssmexy's XES Signature album on Photobucket

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