Take a bath with Sensenique handmade soaps

The popularity of natural handmade soaps have been growing rapidly in the beauty industry, more and more health conscious consumers see these handmade soaps as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps. I personally LOVE natural handmade soaps because it has a huge range of scents and traditional healing properties.

HiShop team is so generous for sending Sensenique natural handmade soaps for me to try! Better yet, there are three types of soap for me to pamper my skin – Lemongrass and Orange; Cinnamon Coffee; Ginger and Peppermint.

Sensenique Sensenique Natural handmade soaps (RM13.80 for each) are made using natural extracts and ingredients with a traditional coal press method which helps retain and preserve the goodness of natural ingredients used in the soap.
I am still consider which soap I should try first, it is really a hard decision for me! Each soap has its own distinctive  scent with different properties:
  • Cinnamon Coffee soap has antiseptic quality, warms the body and promote blood circulation.
  • Ginger and Peppermint soap warms the body and promotes blood circulation whilst giving a refreshing and stimulating aroma.
  • Lemongrass and Orange soap is moisturising, soothing, refreshing and uplifting, leaving your skin feels lovely and sweet.


So which soap I should review first? Let me know by leaving a comment! I really love to read your suggestions :)