Review: Etude House CC Cream #Silky

Etude House, CC Cream, Korean, Makeup
I’ve been falling in love with Etude House products recently, most of my makeups have switched to Etude House because of its chic-cute packaging. I’ve been waiting to this moment to purchase Etude House CC Cream because the price is quite expensive (RM89.90), fortunate enough I got to purchase this from Carousell app (market place app for fashionistas!) for only RM49.90!
… and it’s BRAND NEW! *steal!*

Well Etude House CC cream stands for Correct & Care that meant for correcting the skin tone with eight benefits: moisturizing, UV protection, anti-acid, whitening, wrinkle care, primer, makeup base and volumer.
There are two choices in Etude House CC Cream line, #1 Silky and #2 Glow: 

#1 Silky – Neatly adhering to give silky soft finish
#2 Glow – Pearly look to give brightness

I opted #Silky since it was the only choice that the seller offered to me. Great news is, #1 is meant for oily skin *lucky me*

The proper use for this CC cream is using massaging technique. Why is that? Well, the colour capsules of Etude House CC cream are meant to released into the skin to pick up and matching your skin, giving you a smooth natural look rather than looking unnatural. You know, mismatching foundations and BB cream, urrrgh! Here, let me show you!

#1. When applying the cream, notice that the colour was in pure white? I was afraid that my face would turned into geisha-or-something but nooo!

Etude House, CC Cream, Korean, Makeup
The magic happens here!

#2. Constantly massaging the cream so that it is evenly applied. You would notice that your skin would look smoother and less-wrinkle than before! *Instant effect*

Etude House, CC Cream, Korean, Makeup
Do you notice the difference?

I have applied Etude House CC cream in the afternoon and here how it looks like after several hours (6pm). I would suggest that relying on CC cream only doesn’t work at all, I still need to apply loose powder before this photo because my skin tends to look slightly oily. However, the product is suitable for natural look. BB cream tends to be thicker and oilier, with this CC cream managed to capture the makeup products all-at-once without smudging and smearing.

Etude House, CC Cream, Korean, Makeup
Manages to reduce redness or any uneven skin tones
Light product, suitable for sunny day
Provides an even finish
Hygienic maybe? Since it comes with a pump

Slightly pricey but bearable!
Light coverage (if you prefer to achieve full coverage)
Oil control not sufficient

Overall, it is still a good product compared with other CC creams I have tried! I love how it managed to even out my skin tone even with light coverage. Moreover, it suitable for daily look such as working (I’m hunting for a job now, hurray!) and running errands. I do highly recommend this product if you do not want to have heavy look e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. I sometimes wonder why some of the girls would opt for heavy look daily even if they are not working (it is required by their job, such as Beauty Advisor or in fashion industry, I understand that).

I mean, let your skin breathe some polluted air. True, the air is somehow polluted so makeup is actually a proper way to protect your skin from this cruel cruel air but too many makeup would lead to extreme break outs. *Been there before, never want to go back ever again*

Etude House, CC Cream, Korean, Makeup

Anyway, be a natural beauty junkie with Etude House CC Cream umm-kay!?


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