Review: Cellnique Ultimate Calming and Hydrating Airy Masque

I’m sure most of us love to pamper our skin – those soft and hydrated face in this hot humid weather. Cellnique team was generous enough to send me a box of their high quality masque: Ultimate Calming and Hydrating Airy masque for me to be reviewed.

The ingredient of this masque is infused with Day Lily flower extract and redness-relieving botanicals. Also, Cellnique’s Ultimate Calming and Hydrating airy masque provides intensive moisturizing and soothing care to dehydrated, overstressed skin. It replenishes moisture to skin and helps to restore skin’s balance.


The masque comes with three different layers to lock in most of essence in the airy masque. It is important to remove the layers with the correct sequence so that we could have the best for our skin!


Directions: Remove the blue paper layer and place the essence layer onto your skin. After that, remove the plastic layer and leave only the essence layer for 15 minutes. Gently massage for 30 seconds, leave it for another 30 seconds for complete absorption.


My experience with this masque was really nice, I love how the masque fits on my face.  While pampering my face, I felt that there is a tight sensation but pretty bearable. Not only that, the masques gave a cooling effect which is what I love the most! It was really comfortable and I nearly wanted to take nap while having a masque on my face *Not good* The quality of this masque is – no doubt- impressive!


After massaging my face, my skin was all moisture and ready for take over the world! Why would I say that? Well, I used this masque after my final year project submission because I need some potion to gain back my bouncy-bouncy face. I felt that all my tiredness had gone and I was all recharged!

The price of a box Cellnique’s Ultimate Calming and Hydrating masque is RM129.90, which comes with five sheets per box. Although the price of the masque could be slightly expensive but the result is really impressive, in my opinion.

If you’re interested to try this awesome masque, you could purchase the produce at Cellnique’s website. Moreover, there is a promotional code for you to get RM5 discount on purchasing this masque! Promo code: BLG5KY4

Just wondering, which type of masque product do you prefer to use? Let me know by leaving the comment below!

That’s all for now. Too-lah!

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