07 April 2014

[ad] Mirror mirror hair salon X Milkadeal

Happy Sunday smexies!

Do you need a hair makeover before summer begins? Guess what, Mirror Mirror Hair Salon is having a amazing deal for you. With only RM88, you can have your hair to get the summer colour or a beach wave with treatment and other hair care services.

I was invited as one of the HiShop Affiliate Programme bloggers to try out their offer, conjunction with MilkADeal (they are sister companies, double joy!). I always wanted to give my hair some touch ups for celebrating my last year being a university student #lameexcuse lol.


The salon is located at first floor of Mt Kiara’s shoplots. When you walk up the stairs, you will see the place is decorated with Old-Hollywood glam with over the top retro photo frame with sassy portraits. Once you step into the salon, you will find yourself in a magical place with lots of mirrors, just like in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
Picture credit: Milkadeal


Picture credit: Milkadeal

Fun fact: Jaja Radzwan is the owner of Mirror Mirror and she collaborated with several fashion magazine for editorial makeup and hairdo, which is awesome!
Yours truly at the salon waiting for transformation :D

The colour I chose for my hair is Red Copper, it is a combination of brown and red (hence the name). I always wanted to have red but worry that my parents would disapprove the colour. Red Copper is fine since the colour is not over-the-top.


That is my Medusa look during the colouring lol.

Super red, don’t you think? But the colour turned out moderate. Double awesome!


The colouring process was short, it took roughly 30 minutes of colouring and another 30 minutes of setting the colour. It is really good if you are on a rush, they use a hair steamer to set the new colour of my hair. Normally, I would have to wait for an hour to get the colour because of the thickness of my hair, and  many of the stylists afraid to dye my thick and heavy hair lol.

Check out the pretty flowers, great for eye sight while waiting to get my hair done hahaha. The colours really brought up the inner-girly side of me.
After my hair colouring was done, I had a simple trim of my straight bangs. Jaja recommended that the back of my hair should be in ‘U’ shape rather in ‘V’ shape because ‘U’ shape looks a lot healthier on me. No doubt, I trust her knowledge :)

Throughout the whole experience, I do fall in love with this cozy hair salon in the uptown of Kuala Lumpur. I look so much better with my new hair, thanks to the Mirror Mirror team!


If you would love to get a transformation with affordable price, you should check them out. Mirror Mirror is throwing an awesome deal for the needs of your hair!
With only RM88, the package includes:
  • Choice of hair treatment (RM210 value):
    • Beach Waves
    • Protein Colour
    • Highlights
  • Moisturising hair treatment using Wella or Lakmé products (RM80 value)
  • Director’s cut, wash, and blow (RM60 value)
Just a reminder, the deal is available for a limited time only (expires on 9th April)! Do check out at Milkadeal website for more info: http://www.milkadeal.com/deals/MirrorMirror-DirectorCutTreatmentWashBlowDry
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