24 January 2014

Sweet Valetine's Look (w/ Naked 3 palette)

Hey smexies, I've been wanted to share with you all about the wonders of Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The look that I'm sharing with you all now is natural, suitable for those who are comfortable with their own skin. I personally like natural makeup currently because it's quicker and easier to apply! Although this look is towards natural makeup, pairing with dramatic lipstick would definitely spice up your look.

Video is available here (It's available in HD):

Beside the gorgeous Naked 3 palette, I am obsessed with NYX lip cream matte in Istanbul. It was recommended by a close friend of mine and I've using it ever since! 

Products used:
Urban Decay Eye Primer Lotion
Urband Decay Naked 3 Palette
Essence gel liner in Midnight in Paris
Etude House gel liner brush
SILKYGIRL Perfect Stay 20HR eyeliner in Dark Brown
Majolica Majorca King Lash in BR666
Koji Dolly Wink eyelash curler
Koji Dolly Wink false eyelashes in Pure Sweet #11
Essence waterproof liquid eyeliner
Revlon Colorstay foundation
UBU stippling brush
NYX lip cream matte in Istabul

This makeup look is absolutely pretty for a romantic dinner, compliment with the sweet and innocent look. My other half has a problem on dramatic makeup, to him it is not pretty because the look has covered the beautiful face beneath the heavy load makeup. So from time to time, I'm starting to accept my self-beauty and stop using heavy makeup ie. contouring (he hates that -.-). 

But contouring and highlighting are still crucial in photos! grrr

Meanwhile, I'm really happy that my boyfriend can accept my bare face! Since young, I'd been bullied due to my weight and look, there was even a guy called me 'little XL girl' #thatisafact. I had no confidence to wear sleeveless top and shorts UNTIL I met my current boyfriend, he is the one who keeps telling me to wear shorts! lol, and I can pull off a tube dress now. 

Look how influential my boyfriend is.

Anyway, I will come up with another tutorial on dramatic look. So stay tuned alright! I hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial. Let me know what do you think about the look, I really LOVE to read your honest opinions and comments! :)


  1. hi there! you look so cute here ^_^ anyway, i haven't tried any of NYX's lip cremes but i heard that they're really good. i hope you could do a review on that ^_^ thanks!

  2. Hi babe, thank you for leaving a comment! I shall add NYX lip cremes in my review list :)

  3. lovely look dear...i love you pictures!!so sweet!

  4. You look gorgeous babe; don't let anyone tell you any different <3

    Loving the look and I especially liked how you have lined your eyes so neatly with the gel liner! Well done! :)


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  6. Thank you Cindy, yours is pretty as well!!