08 January 2014

Review: Shills Cherry Blossom Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil

Hello there smexies! Recently I'm starting to love this makeup remover from SHILLS - Natural Science makeup remover Cleansing Oil (cherry blossom). I bought it few months back in SHILLS warehouse sales, it was only RM20 or RM25 during that time. Since it was so cheap, I just had to have it because my makeup remover was running low.

I checked about the reviews on this product and found out that there are many mixed reviews. However, after using it for a month plus, I would say that this makeup remover works on me very well. That's why I decided to share my review on Shills makeup remover cleansing oil.

Main ingredients: 
Jojoba oil, olive oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Vitamin E, Camellia oil, Avocado oil a-bisabilol, PEG-6 isostearate, Sweet Myrrh, Emulsifier Cherry blossom essential oils

The product comes with of course, oil but it has slight cherry, floral scent. The makeup remover oil will be emulsified fully once contact with water to remove the makeup effectively. Here's a demonstration with my hand drew with a gel eyeliner:

I written 'N' as the initial of my name. Gosh, I did not know why my 'N' looks like so hantu-ish. As if it's inspired by Death Note. LOL.

See how well did the oil removed the makeup? It does remove the eyeliner effectively! [I always have the hard time remover this particular eyeliner brand with other makeup removers.]

*typo: squeaky*

Just rinse of with water and my hand is now squeaky clean! I personally love this makeup remover because not only it is not greasy at all, it really removes my makeup. I would say that this product can be a dope of Shu Uemura, the scent and texture are similar, both products work the same. Although some reviewers mentioned that Shills' could not remove waterproof mascara but I have no problem on that [I am a big fan of waterproof mascara].

I guess I will repurchase this makeup remover from SHILLS, unfortunately it might be discontinued at the moment. I tried to search the product on SHILLS and SaSa Malaysia websites but it did not show this particular makeup remover >.< Let me know if this remover is still available in the market or not *thank you thank you*

[updated: I'm truly appreciated that SHILLS shared my review on their Facebook page and letting us know that the product is available at their SHILLS boutique, Berjaya Times Square]

What is your favourite type of makeup remover? I just found my favourite makeup remover ever! *I do love Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheet as well but it costs a lot if you used it daily typical Asian* I also seldom and not a fan of using makeup remover with cotton wool just because it will cost even more and kinda...wasteful. 

lol. #whattodo it's 2014!

Anyway, let me know about your favourite makeup remover by leaving a comment!



  1. Lol Death Note. Hahaha :D
    Shills is a good brand really :3


  2. i'm a huge fan of the double cleanse so having a good cleansing oil is a must. glad you were able to find where to buy it again.
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Thanks for sharing.too bad there is no delivery to Tel Aviv:(
    xo tali

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