Review: Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream

Hello smexies. Recently I've been trying out Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream in my daily skin care routine. I got this from the secret santa at Butterfly Project Christmas' potluck dinner last month, guess who was the secret santa? It was from Trislynn - PREP and TRENDS. I'm also happy that we became friends on that day and received her gift as well, coincidence? hehe
The cleansing cream is primarily used as makeup remover before cleanser. It has mild baking powder and helps to exfoliate skin and penetrate into pores to absorb oil while removing makeup and dirt.

Direction: Use hands to dispense cream. Apply cream to dry facial surface and massage until makeup is dissolved. Wipe off with facial pad/tissues and wash with cleansing foam and water.

I would like to do a demonstration on my hand to see the effectiveness of the cream. Hence, I randomly drew my hand using lipsticks and waterproof liquid eyeliner. 

Apply a generous amount of the cleansing cream on the hand.

Massage the area thoroughly with the cream. You can see that the products are gradually dissolved with 30 seconds of massage. After that, I wiped it off with tissue.

Tadah! Although the makeup products are dissolved, there is still a small amount of the products that are still remained on my hand. Especially for the waterproof eyeliner, I had to reapply the cream to remove the makeup completely.

Although I have to apply the cream twice in order to remove the makeup/dirt, it does gives me a refresh feeling after use. I would still use it as deep cleansing to remove the unwanted stuff and clean my pores. I believe that a correct skincare routine is important to maintain a healthy facial skin. Even if I am not wearing any makeup, I would use this cleansing cream at night to clean as much dirt as possible before heading to bed.


  • Have a refresh feeling after use
  • I believe in its deep cleansing effect
  • The scent is mild and I love it
  • It might not be effective for heavy makeup
I personally do not know the price of this product because I got this as a gift. However, I might consider to get this product in the future but I would also love to try other brands that suit my skin perfectly. 

In this section, tell me: What is your favourite cleansing cream/form? Leave your answer in the comment below and we shall have a lovely chat!


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  1. Usually to remove my makeup I would be using Silky Girl's Eye and Lips Makeup Remover :) effective even to the heavy makeup! It is rather oily after use thou :D and currently experimenting on Pixy makeup remover products :3