21 January 2014

Napwell - The world's first napping mask

Do you hate to wake up disoriented, especially the sudden BUZZ going on your alarm clock. Smexies, I'm sure do. I love to sleep, especially taking a good afternoon nap! But it is kinda suck when my mom yelled at me just to wake me up or the big loud buzz, is it hard to get a good sleep or nap?

Fortunately, there is a group of engineers at MIT, Stanford and Harvard Medical School designed and developed the world's first napping mask that would change our lives! Napwell mask looks just like a regular sleep mask, but lights up slowly on the inside, waking you up naturally rather than having an alarm ruin your sleep cycle (Bostlnno). 

Wouldn't it be great to have this masterpiece? It works great when you are traveling, having a short nap in long hours of works and etc. Here's a question smexies: would you try to get your hands on Napwell? It would be cool if it's available in the market, students like me would definitely dig it.

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  1. I definitely would! I need a nap at work hahaha :(

  2. Haha yeah babe, but it's quite expensive for now!

  3. Yeah, I bet 'urbanians' like us would like it!

  4. Haha yup.! But hopefully it does get out to the market cheap :p

  5. kinda cool mask... i would love to try)

  6. what an interesting creation :)