06 January 2014

High tea session with Butterfly Project Malaysia

Hello smexies, care for a tea?

I've been keeping this post from publishing for some time because I was busy updating my blog logo/watermark. It is really hard to design a logo as a person which has NO design/photoshop background, but heck! Here's the logo.

I would say this could the temporary logo, I have yet asked a friend of mine who is experienced (I mean EXPERIENCED AND TALENTED designer) to help me to design one. *Pssst, she was my boss in our student council* (Boss, if you're reading this please don't laugh atmy logo la pleaseee)


Anyway, I was invited to join for a high tea session with fellow bloggers of Butterfly Project Malaysia, which is a local beauty blogger community. We celebrated the launch of Butterfly Project Malaysia website with the help of Serverfreak.

The theme was high tea so the placed was decorated with pink and girly stuff. More pictures of the decoration as below:

The decoration looked adorable, right?

We also had a fun photoshooting booth, organized by 123Cheese.my. The girls were having a great time posing in front of the camera with many MANY props.

Silvianawas drooling over the pretty photos printed by 123Cheese.my
The party started off with the founder of Butterfly Project Malaysia, Tammy Lim aka Mama-san (we love to call her that because she has been taking care of the butterflies!) with Ayna and Caroline, having a cake cutting ceremony :)

Next up, we also had Edazz who is our very own Whitney Houston performed in singing for us. Her voice is just AH-MAAZING. and pretty too ^^

The beauty bloggers and I definitely enjoyed the day with delicious pastries and wonderful presentation by Serverfreak on Blogging 101: Setting up a Wordpress. As you can see from my blog URL, I have changed my domain to www.littlemisssmexy.com. I bought the domain from Serverfreak and I have to say, their service is really fast. 

With the awesome bloggers from Butterfly Project!
I truly enjoyed and learnt so much from this high tea session. Visit ServerFreak if you are interested in having a blog in Wordpress and getting your own domain name :)

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  1. Awesome event! I would love to join once but never had enough time to participate in every Butterflies event..It's a pity :(

    1. It's ok babe! There will much more awesome events by Butterfly Project in the future! :)

  2. Events are always so faraway lol~ anyways your temp logo looks good! :D