[Butterfly Project] Review: MrLens Malaysia

Good day smexies! 

I'm sure most of us are indeed loving those dazzling contact lens that would make a gorgeous accessories to our eyes. Yours truly is a fan of contact lens, specifically normal contact lens because it is hard to get colour lens which can be used for normal and astigmatism (I have astigmatism on my left eye only *bummer*) . Normally I would opt to get my contact lens from optical shop because it's safer compared with any accessories shop and online. It's crucial to get the authentic contact lens product because our eyes are extremely IMPORTANT!

I always wish that my new contact lens can straight away arrive at my doorstep with just a click away. My wish just came true because last month, I was selected as one of the butterflies of Butterfly Project Malaysia to shop at an online optical hub  - MrLens Malaysia.
At MrLens, they emphasize in high quality of eye-care products, provide professional service, fast delivery at the most affordable prices.

Purchasing at MrLens was quite fun actually, with its user friendly website I can shop for my favourite lens without any trouble. Their website is designed with plenty of information and product categories, customers could just access to their favourite product with just a few clicks!

Before that, it is important to create an account at MrLens before purchasing any products! All they need are your basic particulars (typically the correct delivery address!). After that, you can straight away choose the products of your choice. Here, I chose Colourvue Big Eyes series in Dolly Black because I always want a big kawaii eyes. As for my eyesight issue, I chose the colour lens without any power so I will still look kawaii with glasses :P

Once you have selected the eye care product of your choice, you can proceed to 'Checkout' for payment. Here, MrLens will show your order information so that you could verify your order. 

MrLens accepts various of of payment methods, so you will have no worries in making your payment!

After I've confirmed my purchase, I received a prompt email from MrLens about my order. Finally, all I had to do was waiting my babies to be arrived at my doorstep :3

SURPRISE! My contact lens have finally arrived at my doorstep! 

The oh so cute Colorvue Big Eyes in Dolly Black - suitable for gyaru look
Sweet and elegant violet of Colorvue 3 Tones - suitable for sweet innocent look
Throughout my experience with MrLens, Im definitely satisfied the prompt and reliability of MrLens. All thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me this wonderful opportunity to shop at MrLens. Overall, there are actually many positive feedbacks of MrLens from many customers. 

I hope my shopping experience is beneficial to you when it comes to shopping with MrLens. Have you shop at MrLens before, how was it?

Anyway, before I end this post: Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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