09 December 2013

Beauty blogger ‘v’ shills workshop

Hello smexies!

Last week I was invited to attend a workshop organized by SHILLS, a well known beauty brand from Taiwan. The private workshop event was held at Rasa Utara, Berjaya Times Square. I had to attend to this workshop because I need to find a way to reduce the roundness of my face. I actually bought this range of product but I had no clue about direction and information.

Hence, the workshop was kinda important!

The purpose of V SHILLS workshop was to introduce their latest skincare range -Miracle Lift. The range is mainly target for firming and lifting, that's why every woman needs!

The first product introduced was Miracle Lift Firming Cleanser. It is a smooth and creamy cleansing lotion pack with anti-aging agent that provide long lasting mositure, effective sebum control and improve lines to the skin. Moreover, it has 4 purposes in 1 bottle:

  1. Deep cleansing + Whitening
  2. Lifting and Firming
  3. Improve Elasticity
  4. Deep Hydrating

Once I've cleaned my face with the cleanser, there was a cool feeling all over my cheeks. According to the SHILLS team, the ingredients were activated in firming and tightening. I always thought that it was because dehydration but after their explanation, the cleanser was actually working!

After that, they introduced the second product (famous product I guess!) - Miracle Lift Facial Lifting Serum. It firms and tightens cheek, reduce double chin and sculpt facial contours; enrich with elastin formula that stimulates skin's natural abil produce more collagens.

I was invited to be the model of the day, the reason is simple- I have 'bread' face aka the feature of my cheeks are as fluffy as a bread (according to Mandarin translation). The funny part was the beauty expert actually looked at me and said 'You can't escape anymore' LOL.

The massage technique was illustrated on the slide show. When the beauty expert started to massage my face, it felt so relaxing. I would consider that as my first massage experience. No kidding, I have not been to any spa massage or facial before. *I'm...unemployed yet*

See how the serum worked? It does lift my face, giving an instant 'V' lift on my right cheek! I was impressedd!! Within 5-10 minutes massage, I could have a beautiful V shaped face just like those super models. *not bad leh* We were joking that I look like I just had a stroke on my face LOL.

I actually bought a bottle of Miracle Lift serum from SHILLS warehouse for only RM40!! I kinda like...found the hidden treasure or something. This product really works!!

Last but not least, SHILLS finally revealed their latest product - Miracle Lift Facial Firming mask, which was just launched not long ago. The mask is uniquely formulated and proven of using natural plant extracts to rejuvenate your skin with anti-aging effects for an immediate improvement on fine lines. Simply put, this mask would actually give you that slim and defined face you've always desired.

The mask is not like your usual mask with wet sheet and soggy, however, Miracle Lift mask is a gel-like mask. Once you put the mask on, you could feel a cooling effect around the neck, cheek and chin areas. It was advised that we have to put the on the mask for 8 hours long and no speaking nor eat during the mask treatment, which is a *bugger* lol. 
Well, it would be the same if you had the treatment while sleeping = same effect. 

I learnt alot througout the workshop. It was informative and fun at the same time. We girls have the same experience and excitement-to be SLIMMER without a sweat! It is still advisable to have a good body from a proper workout and a balanced diet! No pain, no gain GIRLS!

We were invited to have a tour at their latest exclusive boutique at Berjaya Times Square. The boutique is compacted with lots of lots of SHILLS product where it sometimes are not available at any SaSa outlets. 

Check out how helpful were the SAs.
Just to let you know girls, SHILLS is currently doing a promo on their Miracle Lift set for only RM168. If you are interested, you know where to get it! :)

I am happy that I could start blogging again. Now babes, Little Miss Smexy is back for more exclusive posts. <3

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