26 December 2013

ANTM x GUESS rocks fans at The Butter Factory

GUESS   ANTM 5 Finalists

Hey there smexies!

Last week was a dazzling night as America’s Next Top Model finalists – Jourdan Miller, Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindross, Renee Bhagwadeen and Chris  rocked KL at The Butter Factory.


I was excited to attend this party because this cycle of ANTM is consisted of female and male contestants, both with amazing skills at photo shoots and catwalks, also the heat dramas behind the shoots. Getting a closer look at the finalists was fun as many fans went crazy in the party!


fans were enjoying the show opening by Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss University Malaysia 2010 as opening DJ.


The hosts of the night: Allan Wu (the host of Amazing Race Asia) and Deborah Henry taking centre stage and start the party!

That’s Joe Flizzow, the Hip Hop pioneer in Malaysia entertained the crowd with his famous Havoc. The party also featured Electoldxhot, hip hop dancer crew who were the winner of 8TV’s Showdown 2011 whilst top Malaysian DJ duo, DJ Goldfish and Blink pumped the night away with the finest dance music.

After the opening acts, the light dimmed and the crowd started to scream excitedly as there was a single spotlight shone on a balcony. It was the ANTM Cycle 20 finalist making fierce introduction, I really love Jourdan’s move because it was sassy and Cory’s quick kiss and wave.

The quality might be bad because I took it using Instagram.

It turned out to be a Fashion show joined with 15 local models, modelling the Holiday 2013 Collection by GUESS. The crowd were wild and snapping their phone for a shot of the finalists in action (I was one of them ^^) Here I had complied the finalists’ walk in a video clip.

She looked so familiar as she took the stage, it is Thanuja Ananthan, Miss World Malaysia 2009/2010! *No wonder!!! I could not stop wondering who she is*

The night was all about fashion, party, and memorable night with the finalists of ANTM Cycle 20. I wasn’t able to stay long on that night but trust me, the crowd was wild; the finalists had fun with the crowd *selca time, anyone?* I used to be an ANTM fan but I couldn’t catch up much because the cycle repeated the same thing over and over again BUT this time, they had a twist: Battle 2.0 of males VS females. Now, I started to watch the repeat ANTM Cycle 20 on Star World and can’t wait for the final episode <3

I hope you guys enjoy the clips I took although the quality is low. Thank you for reading my post *LOVE*


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  1. Jelly, can't believe I miss out on this event. Should have went ): and Jourdan looks like she lost a lot of weight :O