Dayre: A true blogger on the go

Hello smexies! Have you heard of Dayre? 

I bet most of you do when Timothy Tiah tweeted about it. If you haven't, let me explain to you briefly:

Dayre is a mobile app that cater for those who loves to blog and share their loves without any limitation! For busy people dying to say more than a Note, 140 Characters, or a filtered photo will allow, this is the App for you. There are so many social media sites for us to utilize, but think about it, we just don't have the time to share our thoughts at each social media. With Dayre, we can do that all at once! 

Sounds tempting no? 

I stumbled upon Dayre when there was a blogger shared her thoughts on a Facebook group. Instantly, as a social media geek, I quickly installed the app just to play around. I was surprised that Dayre is available on Android, normally most apps would initially launch at iOS because it takes time to develop on Android. Anyway, I do thought of sharing this app with you guys when I'm free from assignments but heck, my blog need a major update! 

How does it look like?

An app you could do almost everything: from note, picture, video, stickers (like LINE)  and check in!

Not sure whether it's a good thing or not: The layout looks almost exactly the same as Google+.

Awesome stickers collection for blog post, quotes and thoughts!

The app can be absolutely personal when we are adding blogs and personal thoughts together but that's what make the app unique - a voice. Are you joining the bandwagon for another social media excitement? I am but it would really take time for me to digest and review this app. Although a social media geek like me, not all social media suite me. Take tumblr for an example: I constantly lost track on tumblr - I really have no idea what to share, to write or to repost on my blog. 
It is like a dead end for me.

ANYWAY, I would love to try this mobile app out. You never know, I might even shift my blog to Dayre (just kidding, I still love the old fashioned way of blogging)

If you have a Dayre account, don't forget follow me at: littlemisssmexy or 

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