Getting those dramatic lashes - Lash Extension

Hey smexies!

We all know that as the society is moving to a fast paced environment, women have don't have patience to apply falsies (not to mention that some don't even curl their lashes too!). It is no hit wonder that lash extension is getting popular these days.

I, sometimes skip curling eyelashes and mascara for classes because I need to be in class on time, our lecturers are super strict in punctuality. Normally I will resume my makeup at campus before class starts but it is just plain weird - not many of my coursemates are into makeups and stuff. 

Don't judge me for being a makeup junkie okieee!

My bare face, see how thin and fine lashes I have
I was invited to get my lash extension done by Pink Passion, a local salon around PJ/Kelana Jaya. Although I don't think I should get mine done because I think it's Over-The-Top for a student like me, I could rely on my dear mascara. However, it would be an incredible experience because I have not been in a non-hair salon at all. *I didn't even go to a facial spa also, which most of my friends could not accept THIS particular fact - no money maa* 

I love how the shop intererior looks like - you guessed it! PINK EVERYWHEREEEE :Q With the pinkish interior with dim lighting, customers will have the ease to relax for the whole process. The Bosa Nova music was whispering to my ears, telling me to take off my shoes and relax - everything will be alright. *lol, sorry for spoiling your mood*

The beauty technician was explaining to me that there are three types of extension length which is customized for all sort of eye shape. For me, I cannot go for the longest one because it will not frame my eyes well, it is best for those who has 凤眼 (typical monolids). My eye shape is round so she recommended that I should go for innocent look ie. she will lengthen the centre part of my eyelid with long lash extensio to create a rounder eyes.

I will be using size S and M because L doesn't frame my eyes well and also,
I was wearing specs :D

Took a selfie picture before the process :D
As the beauty technician started her work, she placed a surgery tape under my eyes to make sure there will be no glue stain all over my eyes. There was a tingling sensation as she added the lashes one by one with tweezers, it was not a painful experience at all!

A huge difference after having lash extension! 
As she continued placing the individual eyelashes on my right eyelid, I nearly fell asleep! I had a busy morning at KLCC for Global Entrepreneurship Summit and 1MET launch. With the relaxing music flowing around my ears, I had to say, it was the best feeling ever - falling asleep in a salon LOL.

Taking a nap while waiting for the glue to dry :)
The entire session was only an hour but it is totally worth it if you are an eyelash lover. What I love about the eyelash extension is that I can go out without worrying my thin eyelashes :) A set of lash extension can be lasted up to four weeks or more depending how do you take care of the lashes. 

Now I can look nice effortlessly with my new eyelash extension! I don't have to spend much time on my eyes for classes, or dating :D Remember to love your real lashes because they need some love too!! =) 

My usual makeup look: but it looks far BETTER and sexier!
Thanks to these lash extensions :D

Price: RM168

Pink Passion: The Signature Salon
No. 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C, 
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.



  1. nice post maybe i will try to extension my lashes too ;)

  2. Are you able to curl your lashes and use mascara still with the extensions?

    1. Hey Ari, it is not recommended to curl and apply mascara with the extensions because it might ruin it. However, I would still curl and apply a mascara at the tip of the extensions carefully. :)