Acpuris Journey #3

Hey smexies! 

I've been using ACPURIS for a month now and believe me, it is absolutely amazing! Although my combination face is considered to be normal from most of my beauty consultant's comment, I still have several acne issue on my nose and chin areas. This is really normal for me because of menses, I always have acne issue a week before my menses.

 hehe TMI betul ni.

As you can see, this is my latest result using ACPURIS for four weeks. You might not be able to see it clearly but believe me, my problematic areas: nose and chin have improved tremendously. I am happy to see positive result from ACPURIS, especially on my nose! 

Take a look on the progress from 2nd to 4th week of ACPURIS Journey:

I have to apologize for not taking my first week nose photo: I had blackheads before this journey. From the consultation with the ACPURIS team, they explained that the cleanser can remove the blackhead within two weeks. I wasn't sure about it first because I thought it was impossible, I had been trying a lot of skin care brands but very few were able to do that! But I still kept continuing the products for weeks and the result  is just amazing! 

As you can see from my 2nd week picture, I still had visible pores after the blackheads had been removed. I used ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion daily to win the battle in reducing my visible pores. I started using the full range of the products in the morning and at night because my face really need some S.O.S. factor into it. In the 4th week, it was obvious that the nose area had improved a lot. My favourite sebum control emulsion helps in controlling the oily skin and make sure that the pores are able to reduce.

I have a feeling that I might force my boyfriend to use this product, his face needs to get pampered at least once in his lifetime! (he has stressful life but he needs to take care of his face too!) 
What do you think about my progression? Yay or nay? 


  1. Yay for the minimized visible pores and oil control! ^_^ #giglove

  2. This sounds like it is working really well on you! I just might look into this. :) Hope to see more posts from you! :)