18 September 2013

Timepiece: Sturmanskie


Hey smexies! Have you heard of Sturmanskie?

Sturmanskie actually means navigator in Russian. The brand was born in 1949 during Soviet time and its timepieces were manufactured for the Air Force of the Soviet Union and were never be available in the timepiece market. In April 12 1961, Sturmanskie was part of the space history because Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel into and he was wearing Sturmanskie wristwatch. Not only that, Sturmanskie holds the record for the longest time spent in zero gravity environment.

Although I'm not a timepiece fan, but the design and history of Sturmanskie caught my attention. Nowadays, Sturmanskie has released several timepiece series that are affordable for timepiece lovers.  The price range of Sturmanskie watches are from RM600 to RM9,000. Moreover, there are limited quantity for each Sturmanskie series.


Sturmanskie Sputnik
Sturmanskie, open space
Sturmanskie Open Space
The uniqueness of this watch: The quartz spin 24 hours in one round, unlike any other ordinary watch
Now it comes with strap design for out going and casual people

Insterested to know more about Sturmanskie? Why not drop by to any Red Army Watches' outlets or visit www.aviatorwatch.ru.

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