09 September 2013

Join me in Acpuris Journey

Hello smexies! How's your first week of September, good? Awesome! For me, it has become the most hectic week for my new semester. Recently I had been staying in my campus from morning till evening to work on my department Gala Night dinner in the end of the month!

And guess what? due to all the stress of working on our Gala Night, my face is starting to have pimples! especially on my forehead and chin area. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I was given an opportunity to review ACPURIS, a skin care brand from Korea!

acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

I was invited to join other bloggers last Saturday to have a personal session with the team in understanding the brand better. ACPURIS design to prevent acne and oily skin with its natural ingredients in clearing and maintaining clean skin without any troubles!

There are total of six products under ACPURIS:

  1. Mild Purifying Cleanser
  2. Balance Control Skin Toner 
  3. Balance Control Milk Lotion
  4. One Step Sebum Control Emulsion
  5. Intensive Spot Treatment
acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

I'm really excited to try out ACPURIS because well, not all acne skin care products suit me. I tried high end brand but it didn't work, in fact my skin condition worsen - I had redness around my chin area, it irritated my skin as well. Let me share my skin condition with you:

Technically, I have mild acne and blackhead issues. I usually have acne problems two weeks or one before my period. However, I tend to have oily skin. My skin would become greasy after three hours of skin care application. What I hate is that my makeup would hence melt and I have a not-so-delicious-cakey face >< That's my concern!

The ACPURIS representative told me that the cleanser would help to remove blackhead without two weeks. I was like whoaaahhhh! serious? Now I am excited and have a high hope from ACPURIS.

acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

With ACPURIS, I might be able to refresh my skin for the upcoming Gala Night!
Muahaha *flawless skin pheeewit!* 

Join me in four weeks progress review on ACPURIS! (after five days of using ACPURIS, there was some changes on my nose area! Do check out my next review to find out more :D)