Acpuris Journey #2: am and pm

Hey smexies!

Finally I am back to blogger world... After months of my university Gala Night preparation, finally we have pulled off the event successfully. I was assigned to negotiate with sponsors and assisting my president in every aspects. With all the stress and lack of sleep, my dear pimples popped out and waved 'Hello!!' to me.


Many people suffer from acne because it tends to cause psychological effect on people, it causes mental stress from teasing and also physical stress. Everybody wants to have a flawless and radiant face that may be important for their jobs and also giving a good impression to their love interest. Unfortunately with this acne issue, we would suffer from social withdrawal and feeling unwanted because of our looks.

The full range of ACPURIS skin care (from left):
1. ACPURIS Mild Purifying Cleanser | RM113
2. ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion | RM149
3. ACPURIS Spot Corrector | RM113
4. ACPURIS Balance Control Milk Lotion | RM159
5. ACPURIS Balance Control Skin Toner | RM159      Total: RM693

After having a consultation with ACPURIS team, I started to use the basic three in the morning. You might have guessed the basic three would be cleanser, toner and lotion right? WRONG! Instead, ACPURIS recommends to use cleanser, sebum control emulsion and spot corrector. ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion is used to control the oil on our face in the preventing in having oily skin throughout the day.

Morning Routine to prepare my skin for the day
Cleanser | Sebum control emulsion | Spot Corrector
After a long day of battling with studies and the polluted environment, my skin needs to be pampered as much as possible. I will always use all the range from cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sebum control emulsion to spot corrector to erase all those nasty acne problems! *fighting* Even though it is recommended to use the full range, I sometime feel so lazy and I would tend to skip few products.

Before zzz
cleanser | toner | moisturizer | sebum control | spot corrector
Andd ahh hah! Just because I did not take care of my skin properly, I have a slight acne issue on my usual problematic areas: nose and chin. That's why it is really IMPORTANT to take care of your skin, don't be a lazy bum just like me!

So right now, I've been starting to use the full range of ACPURIS and I just love using their moisturizer because one pump is enough to cover the whole face and neck with patting motion. Also, ACPURIS One Step Sebum Control Emulsion is a water gel base product that is useful in oil control and leaving our face matte and fresh! One thing is awesome that I have less greasy face even 6 hours after the application.

I have a feeling that ACPURIS would fulfill the needs of my problematic face. I would love to say thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to review and improve my face condition with ACPURIS.

Stay tuned to my next ACPURIS because I can't wait to share my experience with you, smexies! ;P

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