Timepiece: Sturmanskie


Hey smexies! Have you heard of Sturmanskie?

Sturmanskie actually means navigator in Russian. The brand was born in 1949 during Soviet time and its timepieces were manufactured for the Air Force of the Soviet Union and were never be available in the timepiece market. In April 12 1961, Sturmanskie was part of the space history because Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel into and he was wearing Sturmanskie wristwatch. Not only that, Sturmanskie holds the record for the longest time spent in zero gravity environment.

Although I'm not a timepiece fan, but the design and history of Sturmanskie caught my attention. Nowadays, Sturmanskie has released several timepiece series that are affordable for timepiece lovers.  The price range of Sturmanskie watches are from RM600 to RM9,000. Moreover, there are limited quantity for each Sturmanskie series.


Sturmanskie Sputnik
Sturmanskie, open space
Sturmanskie Open Space
The uniqueness of this watch: The quartz spin 24 hours in one round, unlike any other ordinary watch
Now it comes with strap design for out going and casual people

Insterested to know more about Sturmanskie? Why not drop by to any Red Army Watches' outlets or visit www.aviatorwatch.ru.

KOJI Dolly Wink Blogger Workshop

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

Hello smexies!

When it comes to Dolly Wink, we all know that it is a BIG deal going on here. Most of us are familar with Dolly Wink, from the cute packaging of the products to Tsubasa Masuwaka, we all know that these are the essences of Dolly Wink - A famous cosmetics brand from Japan!

I am a big fan of Tsubasa Masuwaka's songs, really!

The workshop was held at Little Pantry, IOI Mall. I had no problem travelling as I am officially a Puchong girl HAHA. Anyway, the place had this kawaii pink ambience which matches with the whole Dolly Wink concept - Kawaii and Elegant.

What was the workshop all about? FALSIES of course! I just love wearing falsies because I do need help in eyelash department - I have fine lashes, and one more thing! I lost a section of eyelashes on my right upper eyelid ><

Did you know that Koji-honpo has 66 years of history and inspired by geisha back in those days? Those geisha used their own hair to weave false lashes. After a successfully commercializing false lashes, Koji-honpo has launched several falsies ranges in the market such as Spring Heart Series (beginners) and Dolly Wink(inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka). Koji Hopo false eyelashes are handmade and it takes 3 days to complete the whole process of producing a pair of falsies! 

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
Koji introduced falsies testers that are available at Japan retail shops where the customers can 'try the lashes' with a eyelash handle. Normally we always imagine how do the eyelashes work on us without trying it but ended with a BIG disappointment right? But this would enable us to see whether the lashes fit us or not :)

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

Not only that, Koji also released an app named つけまカメラ, Tsumeka Camera where we could try out Koji Dolly Wink lashes virtually! (Available on Apps Store and Android). You can adjust the falsies position and the fun part is, the falsie would literally stick on your eyes and follow your face whenever you move. I hope it does make any sense to you lol

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

If Dolly Wink falsies are to OOTP, Koji-Hopo Lash Concierge is there to assist you in lashes department. Unlike dramatic gyaru inspired Dolly Wink falsies, Lash Concierge is designed for working professionals such as lawyers, teachers and even corporate people.

Lash Concierge can be used as daily eye false eyelashes, it's durable and long lasting. The fun part of Lash Conceirge range is that they introduce semi/half lashes for more natural look. Notice the percentage points on the packaging? The higher percentage of the lashes, the more natural it will be on your eyes. It was an exclusive opportunity for us to try out these lashes because

Koji-honpo will launch this range in October or November, preparing us for the upcoming festive season - Christmas!
Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

I was given an opportunity to try Lash Concierge in Pure Smile 01 - it is a pair of half lashes for daily use. The lashes are different than the one I normally use because the lashes are lightweight and soft. It is easy to apply and able to blend into my real lashes without looking too fake.

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
Maybe I should go to Gyaru, should I? Let me know!
After the whole introduction of Koji-Honpo, the team was demonstrating the proper of applying false eyelashes. I thought what I did was correct but I was wrong - the falsies are delicate and I really need to be extra careful when it comes to these. Not that I always damage the lashes but it's just... you need to be a princess in applying Koij-Honpo false eyelashes haha!
Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
As they were demonstrating the proper of applying falsies on Carolyn.
Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes
So many Koji products!! Ahhhhhh :D
There are several products I love on that day. Beside Dolly Wink, I love Koji Line Beat 24 hours Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. It is similar with Dolly Wink eyeliner but Koji Line Beat is heavier, suitable for beginners who wants to achieve the cat eye look with better control.
Not only that, I am still a faithful fan of Dolly Wink
(psst, their mascaras are the bomb!)

I must say, this is a great experience for me to be a part of Koji Dolly Wink Blogger Workshop! I had a great time with my bloggie friends and trying out their products are JUST SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for inviting me to this wonderful event!

Dolly Wink, Koji, Koji-honpo, Lash Concierge, Japan, False Eyelashes

Join me in Acpuris Journey

Hello smexies! How's your first week of September, good? Awesome! For me, it has become the most hectic week for my new semester. Recently I had been staying in my campus from morning till evening to work on my department Gala Night dinner in the end of the month!

And guess what? due to all the stress of working on our Gala Night, my face is starting to have pimples! especially on my forehead and chin area. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I was given an opportunity to review ACPURIS, a skin care brand from Korea!

acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

I was invited to join other bloggers last Saturday to have a personal session with the team in understanding the brand better. ACPURIS design to prevent acne and oily skin with its natural ingredients in clearing and maintaining clean skin without any troubles!

There are total of six products under ACPURIS:

  1. Mild Purifying Cleanser
  2. Balance Control Skin Toner 
  3. Balance Control Milk Lotion
  4. One Step Sebum Control Emulsion
  5. Intensive Spot Treatment
acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

I'm really excited to try out ACPURIS because well, not all acne skin care products suit me. I tried high end brand but it didn't work, in fact my skin condition worsen - I had redness around my chin area, it irritated my skin as well. Let me share my skin condition with you:

Technically, I have mild acne and blackhead issues. I usually have acne problems two weeks or one before my period. However, I tend to have oily skin. My skin would become greasy after three hours of skin care application. What I hate is that my makeup would hence melt and I have a not-so-delicious-cakey face >< That's my concern!

The ACPURIS representative told me that the cleanser would help to remove blackhead without two weeks. I was like whoaaahhhh! serious? Now I am excited and have a high hope from ACPURIS.

acpuris,acne,skin care, korea,

With ACPURIS, I might be able to refresh my skin for the upcoming Gala Night!
Muahaha *flawless skin pheeewit!* 

Join me in four weeks progress review on ACPURIS! (after five days of using ACPURIS, there was some changes on my nose area! Do check out my next review to find out more :D)