Review: Mini Princess Acne Black Mask

Hey there smexies! I went to MaskSlim this afternoon to get a set of mini PRINCESS Best Buy set, comes with a pc of foot peeling mask, 2 pcs of bubble mask and black mask each for only RM29.90! Awesome deal right? I wanted to get foot peeling mask for my mom and and at the same time, MaskSlim is having promotion till beginning of Sept!

When I got this mini PRINCESS Acne Black mask, I just have to review it. It claims to remove acne and dirt in order to purify the pores. You guessed it right, it is a peel off mask! o.0 and I'm not a BIG fan of peel off mask!!

Why? I will tell you in a minute.

I didn't take any photo of the mask because it's super messy! It comes with black liquid mask and I had to apply all over my face (EXCEPT EYE AREAS). I would prefer it comes with a bottle for an easy application over sachets. Just so you know, I literally painted my toilet sink in black LOL.

It scared my mom, for real!
While waiting for the mask to dry, it was actually quite cool. I did not find any irritation, the mask did tightened my skin and I couldn't open my mouth and talk. An effective mask I would say.

So relax je.
You can see the pores in the mask, it is really disgusting

One tip for all beauties out there - When you're doing peel off, do not apply in over your eyebrows! Peeling off the mask was a difficult task, the mask was ultra sticky and I had a bad time peeling it off!

I literally want to cry, for real!

At last I couldn't tolerate the pain I was dealing with, I washed the mask off with lukewarm water. Although it did not give the same effect as peeling the mask off, I just want to remove all the mask once and for all!

It was really painful! ><


  1. It does remove dirt from pores.
  2. Cheap (RM6.90)
  3. It soothed my skin within 10 minutes of application
  1. It was just too messy, I would prefer the mask comes in a bottle for easy application.
  2. The stickiness of the mask is unforgiven, I couldn't tolerate the pain!!
Will I repurchase it? Probably not. Not a fan of peel mask. urgh

Have you tried any peel mask before? Was it fun?

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