Review: bloop Candy Lipstick in 309

Hello smexies!

 I'd just received a parcel from HiShop bloop Buddyz Campaign - it was a cute moisturizing lipstick from bloop - Candy Lipstick in 309.

I truly adore the packaging of the candy lipstick, it is sweet and light - just like any candies in stores.  I love the fact that it has this cute 'lipstick' label on the case, it is thoughtful and playful at the same time =) Moreover, it is convenient to bring along in my bag because of the light weight of the product, unlike other lipsticks that are slightly heavier and bulkier.

The colour of bloop Candy Lipstick in 309 is slightly towards maroon, it has this dark shade of pink/red. I didn't think that the colour was that candilicious because of its dark shade. Boy I was wrong for good, the colour was actually pinkish on my lips.

As you can see it from the swatches above, candy lipstick does a pretty good job in pigmentation. Two shades are suitable for natural look but you were like me - the dramatic one, three shades are superb in giving a pair of luscious lips.

Before and after :D
My lips immediately transferred from a pair of dehydrated lips to a hydrated, plump and kissable lips. bloop Candy Lipstick has highly saturated colour that is long lasting and does not fade easily throughout the day.

Will I purchase this product? Although bloop Candy Lipstick is a fairly good quality lipstick, it is slightly expensive compared to drugstores lipsticks. I might be considering in purchasing the lipstick if I'm satisfied with result from bloop Candy Lipstick in a long run. 

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What do you think about bloop Candy Lipstick? A Yay or Nay?