Review: Beautymate Venus Series - Polypeptide Collagen Revitalizing Mask

Hello smexies!

Recent years, the facial mask market has been expanding in beauty industry. Even L'Oreal from French is acquiring a Chinese mask manufacturer, Magic Holdings Internation Ltd with $840mil to strengthen presence in Chinese Market. 

Not only that, as a customer I could not decide which mask brand I should use because there are just too many to choose from. Usually I would request for samples as I have a sensitive skin, it would be a troublesome if I bought the wrong mask! Thanks to HiShop, their team is so generous to send two sheets of masks from Beautymate, Taiwan.

Beautymate Polypeptide Collagen Revitalizing Mask is best nutrition supplement for reducing the wrinkles caused by dehydration. It penetrates to skin underlying which can regain the moisture lost and increase the moisture level instantaneously. 
Suitable For: All skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin

I personally have doubts on the name of the mask because it is just way too long lol, then again I should be not be fooled by the name. The truth is, I would prefer to have a shorter name so that it is easier to remember rather than go alll-the-way to the end.

My verdict:
The mask soothes my skin as usual. After the application, I felt that my skin is smoother and slightly hydrated (it could be the essence of the mask). However, I do not like the material of the mask sheet because it is torned easily - check out my forehead. Moreover, the adhesiveness of the mask is moderate but it kept falling from my forehead (again!)

But based on the price, it is worth the penny especially for students like me! We would love to apply a mask while reading journals cuz it is able to calm myself down with the soothness of the mask. =D

One box of Beautymate mask (10 pcs) retails at RM49.90 in the market. However, HiShop is having a promotion on all beautymate masks up to 20% discount until 31 August 2013!

Just so you know, get RM20 discount upon checking out at HiShop with minimum purchase of RM99  by entering the discount code: TRYUSNOW. *Valid until 31 August 2013*

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