31 August 2013

Back to college/university advise

Hello smexies!

The most exciting part that is my new semester shall start on next Monday, and the best part is I'm going to become a senior! I still remember the times when I was a freshman, with no clue what so ever what to expect in my semester. After years of studies in my university, I truly have the experience when it comes to surviving in university.

Just kidding. University should be a fun place!

I just want to share my advice to those who will be back to university or starting a new journey at a new learning environment! Here's my several tips to survive in university/college:

1. Do prepare and make a good use of a planner! Honey, this is the 'thing' to keep track all of your activities. Be it having appointment with your lecturer or a society meeting, it helps you to get organized without any mess. When I was a freshman, I did not have an organizer with because I thought it was tedious. Boy I was wrong, I had trouble in arrange my time for my studies and blogging. I started to use planner when I became a sophomore! I was able to organize my time and jot down all important stuff in the planner. It literally saved my grades.

2. Budget! Budget! We got it, you are not a high school student anymore! No more those nasty canteen food, now we can have whatever we want! But hold on... Do get your finances in order! Outside food can be expensive, depending where you are studying. I study at Damansara and there are limited restaurants around my campus (and expensive too). Do plan your budget when you're in university so that you will not live in a pitiful life.

3. Don't act lah! There will be times where we might be confused with our studies. Do not afraid to ask questions. We, Malaysians (too stereotype) have problems in asking questions. Maybe this is because back in primary/secondary school, asking questions = stupid. Some teachers do not let us to ask questions because 1) waste their time 2) maybe they do not know the answers too. This is truly based on my experience as student, not all teachers are like that. Hence, when we are in university, interaction takes place but we just.... diam diam acting sibeh pandai.

4. Rojak together! Meeting new people is fun! Attending Orientation is a great way to start making new friends. Although Orientation might sounds boring but trust me, you will understand what your course is all about. Also, meeting new friends will definitely beneficial in your studies. You can have a mini study discussion with your friends....but unfortunately most of the time it would turn to gossip/social gathering haha! Yes, university can be really fun!

5. Safety first! I'm not saying that university is a dangerous place but in my opinion, everywhere is not safe now! Especially there are many crimes going on around here. Take necessary precautious when you're alone! I purposely bought pepper sprays before the semester starts. Try keeping one pepper spray in your bag and also in your car, just to be extra alerts!

My Back To University must-have!

I hope that this post would help. I found out that some of the contents are terlalu lah, but it is for entertainment purpose. However, you should get the picture! University/College is a great place to meet new people and trying out new things, such as getting an involvement in societies. I'd joined several societies and I'm currently a member of my department student community where we run activities for our students :) Believe me, it is not easy! but I do have an exposure in handling events and meeting corporate and other university representatives.

What else would you advice for those who will be going back to university/college? Leave your suggestion below <3