Vanity Trove x Avene Workshop

Hello smexies!

Yours truly was invited to attend a workshop organized by Vanity Trove x Avène! If you didn't know, Vanity Trove is a monthly beauty box subscription based on your beauty preferences, with only RM50 per month you can choose up to 8 preferred item into your beautybox.

 A brief introduction about Avène:
Avène is a dermo-cosmetique (dermatology based cosmetic) skin care brand dedicated to all levels of skin sensitivity, from mildly sensitive to allergic. All the Avène products in the range contain Avène Thermal Spring Water, endorsed by dermatologists worldwide for its soothing properties. You can purchase Avène in any local pharmacies nationwide!

 Thanks to Avène team, I do understand more about Avène! Previously there was news accusing Avène that their Thermal Spring water is just any water, which was kinda like scam to me. However, Jackly from Avène team explained that Thermal Spring water is dermatological tested from the R&D department!
Our hotspot
As they mentioned, we can drink Avène Thermal Spring Water.
Why not I spray it into my mouth *pun*
Credit: Laura
Having a sip of Americano while doing facial. Life is WONDERFUL!
The best part of Avène Thermal Spring Water is that we could use it as mask!
It's soothing and relaxing at the same time! =)
Credit: Laura
 I love to use Avène Thermal Spring Water in my beauty daily routine because it gives me the soothing effect =] My skin is more hydrated and it helps to stay put my makeup as well! Moreover, Vanity Trove was generous enough to give us few samples of other Avène products. Trust me, I had no idea there are more products from Avène, some of their products are meant for clinical purposes only!

In my VT box =) Products that are meant for combination skin
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Thank you to Vanity Trove and Avène team for this wonderful workshop!


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