Review: Cefenére - Total skin makeover in just 7 days

Hello smexies!

Yours truly was given a chance to review a new skincare brand called Cefenére. I met their representative two weeks back (read here) to collect few samples for a write up.

My experience with Cefenére
I've been using this brand as my daily routine for a week, day and night. Here's what happened during that week:

On my second day of usage, there were two acne appeared on my nose and chin area. I believe that the product is effective to remove the toxic from my skin. Although the acne was huge, it disappeared on the third night. When I applied e-sense serum to my skin, it had a warm sensation as the ingredient is taking effect. I notice that my skin appears brighter with slight radiant. 

I personally love Cefenére Acne Formulation series because it helps to treat my acne problems. I have a combination skin and I have acne problems during my menses. When I used this series: Impurity Milk Cleanser and Cream Contour, my skin is less oily and my acne on my forehead were reduced. However, it does not improve my chin area yet.

A better comparison:
Notice that my skin becomes smoother and more radiant? - Cheeks

Product I used from Cefenére


Impurity Milk Cleanser
Cream Contour


Ultralizing Cream
E-Sence Serum
Clarifying Sunshield

My verdict
I've experienced a positive improvement on skin with only a week using Cefenére products! Believe me, I was skeptical about this brand because I have not heard of it at all. According to their representative, this skincare is only one year old!

Anyway, I'm happy that my skin has improved in just 7 days, flawless skin here I come!

To know more about Cefenére products, why not check out their website: and check out their updates at

Financial compensation was received for this post. A sample product was gifted from VanCorp International. Opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Ooo.. might just try this out! :D

  2. Can see the difference before n after , looks great ! Hopefully it works on my skin too !

  3. The change in 7 days is just amazing! Can't wait to try it out! I hope it works on all skin types.