HiShop x Bloop: Candy Makeup Party

Hey smexies! I just want to say Happy July to you all. We are currently in the mid of 2013 and how's life treating you so far?

Anyway, I was one of the lucky girls who was invited to attend a makeup party by HiShop and Bloop which was held at one of Bloop outlets at Sunway Pyramid.

See the cute lil counter here? It's Bloop heaven! I often pass by Bloop (I'm a Sunway Pyramid Mall kaki!)  and amaze the cute and sweet decoration. I love pink and cute stuff, that's why!

First off, a welcoming speech by Mabel from HiShop.
 She was super friendly and we had a lovely chat together!

A Bloop introduction by Cecilia, the Brand Elevation and Architecture Manager from Bloop. According to her, bloop products are engineered by PASSION and LOVE. Moreover, most of bloop products do not originate in just one country but comprise of an amalgamation of materials and expertise from many different countries. One of the best example would be the award wining bloop diamond eyeshadow as the result of pairing R&D from the US and ingredients (diamond powder) from Japan.

Mrs Chan, the founder of bloop emphasized that their products are surprisingly user-friendly. She explained that bloop is all about women empowerment and pursue your dreams! Before starting bloop, she was a makeup expertise in a well known high end beauty brand. With her years of working experience, she taught us the correct way of applying beauty products!

After removing our makeup, Mrs Chan taught us the proper way of applying the basics using Bloop Marine Cleansing Gel, Bloop Marine Botanical Toner and Bloop Marine 4-in-1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel.

Check out these cute moisturizing lip balm! 
Now, we are talking. The makeup session! Most of the girls were thrilled with bloop makeup products, I was thrilled as well! As makeup addict, I love to experiment with different products and brands. 
My mini makeup station, filled with bloop prodcuts!
As we were learning our makeup, the organizers decided to turn everything into a makeup contest - Candy Pop theme! We were given 15 minutes to complete our look with any bloop products available. As I was completing my makeup, I realized that bloop products were super easy to use! Their eyeliner dries quickly, giving me more time to adjust and line my eyes!

All I came up with: A typical look of me with extra heart *mole*
not so special LOL FAILED
Post-event photos!

By the way, I would like to say congratulation to all winners of the challenge! 
From top: Chency, Caroline, Isabel
The makeup party was really fun! I learned so much about bloop and makeup!

If you would to try bloop products from HiShop
Why not claim your exclusive RM20 rebate by entering the discount code:
*With minimumpurchase of RM99, valid until 31 August 2013

For more information, kindly visit: 
HiShop Malaysia Website: www.hishop.my
HiShop Facebook: fb.com/hishopmy
HiShop Instagram: @hishopmy
HiShop Twitter: twitter.com/hishopmy

BLOOP Website: www.bloop-bloop.com
BLOOP Facebook: fb.com/bloopinc
BLOOP Instagram: @bloopcosmetics



  1. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieJuly 10, 2013 at 12:43 AM

    Great photos - Looks like you had a GREAT time! :)

  2. This looks great! Loved those pets lip balms :D



  3. What a fun event :) I am doing great. I hope you are doing great too :)

  4. this looks like so much fun!

  5. It looks like that event was a total blast! The look you came up with was super fun without being too over-the-top. Love it!


  6. What a fun looking brand!

  7. Hey Casey, thanks for the compliment! :D

  8. Me too! The packaging is super adorable!

  9. The Bloop products look so pretty! Is it a local brand in your country?

  10. Looks like such a fun event! What cute brand name :)

  11. This look like such a fun party!

  12. omg, I would have loved to attend that party and those nail polishes!! awesome!

  13. Looks like fun and they have cute products! I like the packaging of their lipbalms! Hehe

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  15. Such a hip event and you look totally dashing. Eyeing those nail colours! xx

  16. I love how the whole event was filled with pastel colors...cuteness overload!

  17. oh oh it sounds a lot of fun...and this is one of the best things in life...having fun doing simple things.




  18. looks and sounds like you had a great time!!!! those pet rocks are SO CUTE

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