Get customized! with Vanity Trove

Hello smexies!

We all love surprises delivered to our doorstep every month, don't we? With boxes fill with variety of skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes, we girls just love to discover new brands and products with little commitment. Just imagine you bought a full set of skin care product but it does not provide any result to your face, won't it be wasteful? Thanks to Vanity Trove previous collaboration with KOSE, I had the chance to try out their products without paying so much!

This month, Vanity Trove decided to be even more personalize with you! With a complete beauty profile provided by Vanity Trove, they will recommend several products which best suit you, from skin care to perfume! From there, you can select up to 8 beauty samples from wide array of beauty samples selection to go into your personalized trove.

Next, want to be the first to try out latest products you have been eying for so long? Add them to your wishlist, like the brand and the product! With this, you could unlock more sample opportunities when they are released! You also can check out other reviews on the products and the popularity among the VT members ;)

We always have the love-hate relationship with different brands and products, why not sharing out with VT members? I personally love to read reviews because it helps me to understand the products more, whether it suits for my skin type or it just does not work at all. An in-depth knowledge of products would actually help! and sharing is caring! 

Moreover, Vanity Trove also will introduce a whole new platform for all beauty lovers like you! You would be plugged into latest happenings of people you follow on Vanity Trove. Just like any social media but it will all on beauty! Genius right? I can share my love and hate of beauty with my fellow followers on Vanity Trove *Evil grin*

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Vanity Trove now to enjoy your personalized Vanity Trove!

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