Cefenere: Total skin makeover in just 7 days

Hello smexies!

I've just received several beauty samples from Cefenere for a review. I believe that you might not heard of Cefenere before but I would love to give you a slight idea what Cefenere is all about.
"Cefenere - Total skin makeover in just 7 days"
Cefenere believes that every individual deserves to have flawless complexion and healthy skin. It is is dedicated in providing every woman a magnificent and healthy skin condition from the benefit of their product range that is tailored to different skin type and customer's requirement.

After had a consultation with Roslind from Cefenere, I was given several samples from Cefenere two series: Fair-passion and Acne Formulation. 

Cefenere Acne Formulation:  Impurity milk cleanser and cream contour
Fair Passion series (from left): Clarifying sunshield, E-sense serum and Ultralizing cream
What am I going to do now is I will use these sample products given for two weeks to see the result. Here's the current condition of my face. 

Notice the un-flawless looking skin? It's a nightmare, I didn't notice the acne and blemishes until I took this picture. So horrible right? *but it's good cuz I can see whether the products are able to cure all of these* 

So here's a thing: I shall use this product for the next two weeks to see the actual result. I will also update my face condition weekly on my Facebook Page so be sure to follow my page! (click here) After two weeks I shall wrap up my review on these products on my blog :) 

Wish me luck!
Cefenere: www.cefenere.com

Financial compensation was received for this post. A sample product was gifted from VanCorp International. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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  2. Interesting, I'd love to try out their acne formulation line. Looking forward to you reviews!

  3. Thanks babe! do look out for my blog next week!