My Summer Essentials

Hello smexies!

Guess what? It's summer season now! Well, except for Malaysia because we have Summer 24/7 with occasional rains. But part of me, I love summer because it's also my university semester break where I could have fun with friends under the sun. As a child, I always want to enjoy by the beach in this period. I guess I watch too much of movies where romance is everywhere in summer.

It's been a long while for me to share with you what I actually brought over to my university summer break activity at Asia Water Sport Village few weeks back. I am a book worm and I love to read chic-lit by the beach. I don't know why but it somehow makes me feel like I'm in the movie where I was reading a book and suddenly a ball hit on me. As I was wondering who the heck threw his ball at him, and there he was, a handsome looking guy walked to me and said 'I'm sorry, did I hurt you?' ....

HAHA FML. Anyway! Back to the this post.

1. Avene Thermal Spring Water.
I love to use Avene Thermal Spring Water after having fun with friends under the sun. Whenever my skin is directly under the sunlight, it will automatically turn to red and sensitive. Avene Thermal Spring Water helps to sooth and calm my sensitive skin, leaving my skin fresh and hydrated. 

2. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base SPF50+PA+++
Basically, this product is one of my daily essentials! What I love about this product is that it is not sticky compared to other sunscreen lotions. This product is actually a water base sunscreen lotion with lovely scent, unlike those sunscreen lotion with nasty disgusting scent. Eww... With its SPF50+PA+++, my skin will be protected from the harmful UV ray.

3. CO.E Olive Whitening Hand Cream
I got this product from a beauty fair. This hand cream deeply moistens the basal layer of the skin from inside, provides a refreshing and oil-free texture, moisturize for long, improves roughness, dryness and cracks, whitens skin and leaves the hands smoother and fairer. 

4. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF110PA+++
I purposely bought this sunscreen lotion before hitting to the beach. After researching about this product, I found out that there are plenty of positive reviews regarding on this sunscreen lotion. I would agree with their reviews because it is not too greasy and has light scented. Moreover, it has high SPF as well! 

5. SILKYGIRL Drink Up! Lip Balm in coffee flavour
Thanks to SILKYGIRL team for letting me to try out their lip balm, it has become my daily routine to have moisture lips. I do not like heavy scented lip balm because it's weird, however this product has light coffee scent. Love your lips and never let those precious dry!

6. SEPHORA Express Dry Shampoo
I've never use a dry shampoo before. Once I've used this fantastic baby between shampoo, my hair turns fresh and non-greasy for a long period of time! It is really important to keep my hair fresh because I hate greasy hair! >< Since I was going to outdoor, it is best to keep my hair from greasy and nasty!

That's all about it! What is your must have summer essential? Let me know by leave your answer in the comment below! 

Happy summer love!


  1. Great round-up and I LOVE that bag! So cute. :)

  2. Definitely the sunscreen but I'm not really a sunscreen person also :P The dry shampoo looks interesting!

    1. I'm actually not a sunscreen person, too but my skin is freaking sensitive after long hour under the sun

  3. I never tried dry shampoo before, hmmm maybe i should give a try ;P

  4. Yeah! You should. it's really convenient!

  5. I'm actually not a sunscreen person, too but my skin is freaking sensitive after long hour under the sun

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