Hiatus again

Hello smexies! You might be wondering, 'Where the heck you'd been for so many weeks!' 

I have a sad news to share with you all. The thing is my camera has sent for repairing, it might takes two or three weeks! That's the reason why I can't blog without my baby Olympus E-PL3. Few weeks back, I lent my camera to my friend for a water sport event. When I got back my camera, I realized that there was a aperture error in my camera lens. It was heart broken because it costs roughly RM320!!!

Then again, I am not getting a new lens since it will be double the amount of the repairing charge. 

Last week, a cousin of mine agreed to lend me her Nikon D3100. Unfortunately, I'm still a dummy to a real DSLR. Olympus E-PL3 is actually a mirrorless camera with similar functions as other DSLR and it's super user-friendly. Gawd, I seriously cannot live without my camera right now!!!

My smexies, I am so sorry I can't review or share my experience with you! It will take another week and I swear I will blog more!

Just to share with you something awesome! I bought all these from Cotton On earlier with Laura at Cotton On! All of these are only RM21!

Pretty awesome right!