Of high tea and love...

Hello smexies!

I am going to blog about non-beauty related stuff, it is actually a special post for my boyfriend and I... We have been together for almost five years but seldom go out for a fancy meal nor vacation, I would say because we both are still students.

Few months back I was stumbled upon Groupon Malaysia and I saw Teaffani Patisserie, Fahrenheit 88 offered a high tea for two for only RM29.00 instead of RM59.80. I immediately called up my boyfriend and told him about this deal, we both agreed that we should celebrate and enjoy our semester break after our exams. Since he likes pastries and I am a fan of high tea, we decided to bought this deal!

And now, we had the chance to use this deal! 
We ordered Earl Grey, my favourite! 

I just love English high tea setting because it is just sweet!  We expected to have three tier set up but heck, it was still an enjoyable meal! The waiter was friendly and professional at the same time, it is just like in any Japanese butlet concept cafe (I've never been there but I would love to!).
For me: Scone with strawberry jam, macarons and a slice of cake!
I am so happy that I could spent a lovely day with my boyfriend after a long fight with assignments and exams! I had a thought that I should throw a birthday party here with my close friends because the ambiance and food are just so good!


My Summer Essentials

Hello smexies!

Guess what? It's summer season now! Well, except for Malaysia because we have Summer 24/7 with occasional rains. But part of me, I love summer because it's also my university semester break where I could have fun with friends under the sun. As a child, I always want to enjoy by the beach in this period. I guess I watch too much of movies where romance is everywhere in summer.

It's been a long while for me to share with you what I actually brought over to my university summer break activity at Asia Water Sport Village few weeks back. I am a book worm and I love to read chic-lit by the beach. I don't know why but it somehow makes me feel like I'm in the movie where I was reading a book and suddenly a ball hit on me. As I was wondering who the heck threw his ball at him, and there he was, a handsome looking guy walked to me and said 'I'm sorry, did I hurt you?' ....

HAHA FML. Anyway! Back to the this post.

1. Avene Thermal Spring Water.
I love to use Avene Thermal Spring Water after having fun with friends under the sun. Whenever my skin is directly under the sunlight, it will automatically turn to red and sensitive. Avene Thermal Spring Water helps to sooth and calm my sensitive skin, leaving my skin fresh and hydrated. 

2. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base SPF50+PA+++
Basically, this product is one of my daily essentials! What I love about this product is that it is not sticky compared to other sunscreen lotions. This product is actually a water base sunscreen lotion with lovely scent, unlike those sunscreen lotion with nasty disgusting scent. Eww... With its SPF50+PA+++, my skin will be protected from the harmful UV ray.

3. CO.E Olive Whitening Hand Cream
I got this product from a beauty fair. This hand cream deeply moistens the basal layer of the skin from inside, provides a refreshing and oil-free texture, moisturize for long, improves roughness, dryness and cracks, whitens skin and leaves the hands smoother and fairer. 

4. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF110PA+++
I purposely bought this sunscreen lotion before hitting to the beach. After researching about this product, I found out that there are plenty of positive reviews regarding on this sunscreen lotion. I would agree with their reviews because it is not too greasy and has light scented. Moreover, it has high SPF as well! 

5. SILKYGIRL Drink Up! Lip Balm in coffee flavour
Thanks to SILKYGIRL team for letting me to try out their lip balm, it has become my daily routine to have moisture lips. I do not like heavy scented lip balm because it's weird, however this product has light coffee scent. Love your lips and never let those precious dry!

6. SEPHORA Express Dry Shampoo
I've never use a dry shampoo before. Once I've used this fantastic baby between shampoo, my hair turns fresh and non-greasy for a long period of time! It is really important to keep my hair fresh because I hate greasy hair! >< Since I was going to outdoor, it is best to keep my hair from greasy and nasty!

That's all about it! What is your must have summer essential? Let me know by leave your answer in the comment below! 

Happy summer love!

My Havaianas Experience

Good day smexies! Guess what, I joined a blog contest by Butterfly Project conjunction with Havaianas Malaysia and I won a pair of Havaianas flip flops! To tell the truth, I actually submitted this contest few minutes before the deadline without thinking, I thought that it is necessary to join this contest in order to score a pass to Butterfly Project's Spa Party! 

*flip table*

Anyway, since boyfie is away from Kuala Lumpur. Lucky for him, he got to enjoy the beach in Kuantan while I went to the concrete jungle to redeem my Havaianas flip flops! (Pavilion lar!) Frankly speaking, I do enjoy shopping alone because there's no one to stop me from spending my moolah away! Whenever my boyfriend is around, he would be like 'No, you have that already'; 'Can we go for a movie? That way you can't spend any money on unnecessary things'. Oh really, he meant it that way!

So many series to choose!
Check out the prints! #Swag
I chose Havaianas Slim Sand Grey  because it reflects my fair feet! I was choosing either to go with black or sand grey. Black is definitely the ultimate choice because it matches with anything I wear, it is just versatile. However, the colour is too common in the market. Thus, sand grey is second best colour I could go for. Pink in other hand is too striky! Even though it's cute but when it comes to mix and match.... I can't imagine it. 

After redeemed this pair of fabulous flip flops, I hop to Chatime for a good old Mango Green Tea! Life is so good when no one is there to stop me to do ANYTHING! Hehehehehehe...


Hiatus again

Hello smexies! You might be wondering, 'Where the heck you'd been for so many weeks!' 

I have a sad news to share with you all. The thing is my camera has sent for repairing, it might takes two or three weeks! That's the reason why I can't blog without my baby Olympus E-PL3. Few weeks back, I lent my camera to my friend for a water sport event. When I got back my camera, I realized that there was a aperture error in my camera lens. It was heart broken because it costs roughly RM320!!!

Then again, I am not getting a new lens since it will be double the amount of the repairing charge. 

Last week, a cousin of mine agreed to lend me her Nikon D3100. Unfortunately, I'm still a dummy to a real DSLR. Olympus E-PL3 is actually a mirrorless camera with similar functions as other DSLR and it's super user-friendly. Gawd, I seriously cannot live without my camera right now!!!

My smexies, I am so sorry I can't review or share my experience with you! It will take another week and I swear I will blog more!

Just to share with you something awesome! I bought all these from Cotton On earlier with Laura at Cotton On! All of these are only RM21!

Pretty awesome right!


Why I want a Havaianas!

In conjunction of Butterfly Project's Spa Party, Havaianas decided to join the fun! Havaianas is a famous brand for its flip flops, the one where we would normally wear for pasar malam or even class! 

Why I want a Havaianas is because it is fun and vibrant! Especially an active person like me. Although I don't live by the beach anymore, I still love to strike my famous geeky pose with Havaianas flip flops! It makes me somehow 'urban-ly' cool :D Like seriously!!

Take a hollywood ride with a pair of Havaianas flip flops!
Hilary Duff in Havaianas Slim Black
Blake Lively in Havaianas Slim White

See, Flip flops are not only for pasar malam! It's glamorous in a casual way! So stop wearing heels pretty ladies if you could, heels are pretty but it will damage our legs in long term. Choose to be comfy and wear Havaianas!

It is actually, with its vibrant colours. Don't you just hate it when you only have that pair of blue-white flip flops that your parents would buy for you from pasar malam? Don't get me wrong, it's a must have of slippers for chinese families and it will be in the future. However, why not we spice up our daily wear flip flops? Havaianas has decent designs that could instantly change the whole look of me! 

Yup, you betcha! Flip flops are my must have wardrobe essentials when it comes to comfy. Since it's summer now, I love to wear my beachy NOT bitchy maxi dress with a pair of flip flops for my day out. Trust me, the only thing can go with maxi dress is a pair of beautiful flip flops just like Havaianas! 


Jom! Let us vomit with raindow flowers with Havaianas!


Let's Fake Up - Benefit Party

Hey my smexies!

So far my semester break is doing fine but I will be quite busy starting next week! University bazaar to run and participating in an entrepreneurship workshop. Gosh, how I wish going back to the beach for a laid back weekend. 

Anyway, I was invited to Benefit Party by Box Culture, a local monthly beauty box subscription. The theme of the event is Fake Up, inspired by Sherlock Holmes or Detective Gadget , you get the logic.
I was excited to be there for a makeup lesson. You might think that I am good at it but you're wrong! I still need some improvement on my skill, especially eyeshadows! I always end up looking like a panda while attempting to create smokey eyes. 

While guests were busy learning make up, I was snapping bunch of pictures that would make us drool all over our computer screen. Heh, you gotta love their products! Just look at their packaging!!!

Pictures time!

While looking through the gorgeous products of Benefit, a sales assistant approached me. She was cute in a way, with big dolly looking eyes. I asked her about the products and also how to conceal my dark spots. What I know is, using a normal concealer wouldn't help at all. After she examined my skin, she advised to use light concealer to brighten up my spots then use a regular concealer to conceal, the result was obvious -  my spots were less visible!

 I also mentioned to her about my cakey face after few hours due to oiliness. Beside recommending Benefit's best seller POREfessional, she also suggested that it is okay to skip foundation as my face is suitable for light makeup (haha, I was so happy hearing about that!). What I can do is to apply oil control primer, then conceal any dark circles, spots and redness. After that, a light amount of powder would help to set my makeup whole day! I tried her suggestion and it worked pretty well!

I wasn't able to capture my before and after look because the place was too packed! However, I would to say thank you to the sale assistant (I didn't get her name) for those wonderful tips! The event went well with refreshment (Malaysian loves refreshment) and the makeup lesson.

I hope you guys reading my post on this event! Do you own Benefit products, what do you think about their products? I have not purchase their products because it ain't cheap! However, I might think of getting their famous POREfessional when I work. :)