Introducing: b.tempt'd by Wacoal

Hey smexies! Do you often feel frustrated over picking the perfect bra? I do actually because I have no idea which brand I should buy or which size suits me! Trust me, every bra of mine comes with different size. I think that my boobs are somehow flexible, just like protean.

I was invited by Wacoal to attend their Young and Trendy b.tempt'd lingerie launch at Isetan, KLCC. The brand carries an interesting name, b.tempt'd and it is a short form for 'be-tempted', moreover it's one of world's trend-setting lingerie giant from USA. Designed especially for the young-minded woman, b'tempt'd by Wacoal rocks when sexy but sophisticated lingerie is just what you want. Now, Wacoal Malaysia is bringing b.tempt'd to Malaysia market! For its debut in Malaysia, Wacoal showcased some thoughtfully picked out , iconic collections from the brand.

When I reached Wacoal Young counter, I was blown away with the vibrant purple balloons! There was a lady in purple greeted and escorted us to the registration counter. 

While I saw some of my blogger friends and had a chit chat, the session started with greeting and introduction of b.tempt'd since we aren't familiar with the brand.Next, a balloon release session with the management team behind Wacoal and an energetic dance performance.
The lady here is so nice she explained everything about bra fitting to FiSh and I,
it was a informative conversation!
She insisted that all women should let SA to guide us in bra fitting, which I believe is important!
A speech by Mr Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.
The dance performance by these wonderful chicks is amazing! 
There are three collections that are handpicked by Wacoal Malaysia - b.tempt'd How Gorgeous,'d and Hip and Chic. The all-American girl next door spirit is embodied in a playful and tempting details such as dainty bows and delicate laces of the lingerie line. Coupled with unmistakable Wacoal good fit, b.tempt'd is on course to become many Malaysia ladies' BFF.

b.tempt'd How Gorgeous lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd b. wow'd lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd Hip and Chic (will be available in December)
I was so tempted while looking through the bras, I couldn't help myself to get one! My favourite b.tempt'd collection would be'd because of its design and push. It's not exaggerating as La Senza push up bras,'d gives a nice push with a good support :) Also, I love the vibrant colours that somehow able to boost my good mood. 
Proud shopper I am *lol*

If you are looking for a perfect bra, why not give it a try on b.tempt'd by Wacoal? Their sales assistants would be happy to assist you in searching your perfect cup of bra *hehe*. b.tempt'd is now available at Wacoal Young counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan 1 Utama.

Do visit Wacoal Malaysia Facebook page for more information! 


  1. i wear wacoal too! love their bra..ngam for small-breasted girl like me >.<

    1. Yeah! It's lucky that I could find the right size for my boobies!

  2. Woah u so efficient! Afternoon event night blog, haha!
    The party looks fun, and the new range looks nice too. :D

  3. not able get closed to see them dance..

    yeah follow you in GFC

  4. cool event! Lovely chicks! :D

  5. So many purple balloons! :D Never tried this bra brand HEH

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    2. Me too, i have the perception that is Wacoal is an expensive brand hehe. But i fell in love with b.tempt'd collection :) Do check it oiut if you have time :)

  6. everything looks so princessy..

  7. i really love that'd collection too! agree with u, the colors are vibrant, suits young souls like us ^_^

  8. Can i ask,do u see any video for btempted published at the event?

  9. Ehhhhh. The one you are holding is nice!. I like the shape. :3 Pastel colors right?