01 May 2013

Bloggers day out

Hello my smexy friends!
 Finally the whole assignment thinggy is over, I can focus on my blog once again! 

Today was a fun day with Kim Tam from Test & Share, a blogger who loves to share amazing beauty products with her readers. Go check her blog out if you haven't! Kim came to Klang Valley for a beauty event, since she was here we planned to have a lunch together.

While waiting for her in Gardens Mall, I walked around and snapped some photos. Photography is my hobby and I love to take great photos with my faithful Olympus E-PL3 (I want to upgrade my lens but it is so freaking expensive!). I would say I enjoyed taking random pictures, it relaxes my mind... all thanks to the assignments zzz

Unique looking lamps hanging in the mall.
The mall is full of people on Labour Day

We met up at Yuzu Restaurant, a famous casual Japanese cuisine restaurant. It was my first time there, always pass by the restaurant frequently but never have the chance to try out their food. I was really excited to eat there, my favourite cuisine would always be Japanese. :p

Here are some short food porn:

Yuzu Sukiyaki Beef Udon set
Yuzu Gindara set

Kim and I, we are happy customers!
After having our heavy lunch (worth the price! in my case), we jalan-jalan around the mall. Initially we hunted for CLEO limited box just because of the Lanvin Me perfume, Kim was 'star-struck' to Sweet Mochi, a stall that sells delicious Japanese mochi. She bought three pieces and now, I am kinda regret. I should get a box of mochi~

mochi~~ green tea~~

Anyway, look what we got here! We ended up spending most of our time in Jelly Bunny, they sell cute affordable shoes made out of jelly. Just kidding, it is NOT edible. The shoes are super affordable, we bought  these babies for only RM29 per pair!
Guess whose leg are these!
It was a nice meet up with Kim, we should have a small lunch or mini gathering with other bloggers (some ffk XD). Wouldn't be that fun!? 

Before ending the post, here's my vain look of the day! 

I would love to have a small meet up with fellow bloggers share crazy thoughts! What do you think?



  1. I've always thought that jelly bunny shoes are expensive :P and did you get the CLEO limited box?

    1. I've always thought their shoes are expensive until I got there 0.0 because we were curious about the crowd LOL.
      I bought CLEO limited box last week, it was Kim who wanted to get it. and the sad news is, the box is habis at borders Gardens! ><

  2. Japanese food looks yummy :D Ohh those Jelly Bunny shoes are the latest collection! Saw it at the fashion show the other day ^^

  3. Aaaaahhhh such great photos!! :D Ok, now I'm feeling super bummed that I couldn't join you girls today. T__T

    1. It's okay dear! we will still have next time! ;)

  4. Ehh you changed your blog layout! So neat! :D but anyways, we should do a bigger gathering :P sorry for not coming hehe

    1. Thank you, Angeline! Yup, we should have a blogger gathering. Some girlie time maybe ;P

  5. Lol same with Hilda, I thought their shoes are expensive hahaha