Introducing: b.tempt'd by Wacoal

Hey smexies! Do you often feel frustrated over picking the perfect bra? I do actually because I have no idea which brand I should buy or which size suits me! Trust me, every bra of mine comes with different size. I think that my boobs are somehow flexible, just like protean.

I was invited by Wacoal to attend their Young and Trendy b.tempt'd lingerie launch at Isetan, KLCC. The brand carries an interesting name, b.tempt'd and it is a short form for 'be-tempted', moreover it's one of world's trend-setting lingerie giant from USA. Designed especially for the young-minded woman, b'tempt'd by Wacoal rocks when sexy but sophisticated lingerie is just what you want. Now, Wacoal Malaysia is bringing b.tempt'd to Malaysia market! For its debut in Malaysia, Wacoal showcased some thoughtfully picked out , iconic collections from the brand.

When I reached Wacoal Young counter, I was blown away with the vibrant purple balloons! There was a lady in purple greeted and escorted us to the registration counter. 

While I saw some of my blogger friends and had a chit chat, the session started with greeting and introduction of b.tempt'd since we aren't familiar with the brand.Next, a balloon release session with the management team behind Wacoal and an energetic dance performance.
The lady here is so nice she explained everything about bra fitting to FiSh and I,
it was a informative conversation!
She insisted that all women should let SA to guide us in bra fitting, which I believe is important!
A speech by Mr Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia.
The dance performance by these wonderful chicks is amazing! 
There are three collections that are handpicked by Wacoal Malaysia - b.tempt'd How Gorgeous,'d and Hip and Chic. The all-American girl next door spirit is embodied in a playful and tempting details such as dainty bows and delicate laces of the lingerie line. Coupled with unmistakable Wacoal good fit, b.tempt'd is on course to become many Malaysia ladies' BFF.

b.tempt'd How Gorgeous lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd b. wow'd lingerie set (available now)
b.tempt'd Hip and Chic (will be available in December)
I was so tempted while looking through the bras, I couldn't help myself to get one! My favourite b.tempt'd collection would be'd because of its design and push. It's not exaggerating as La Senza push up bras,'d gives a nice push with a good support :) Also, I love the vibrant colours that somehow able to boost my good mood. 
Proud shopper I am *lol*

If you are looking for a perfect bra, why not give it a try on b.tempt'd by Wacoal? Their sales assistants would be happy to assist you in searching your perfect cup of bra *hehe*. b.tempt'd is now available at Wacoal Young counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan 1 Utama.

Do visit Wacoal Malaysia Facebook page for more information! 

HiShop May Surprise

Hey smexies!

May is ending pretty soon but there's still something worth cheering for - HiShop May Surprise Pack! If you have not heard of HiShop, it is a online beauty and cosmetics store that carry genuine products from various famous brands. In this May Surprise Pack, we will have the chance discover these three different brands that are available at HiShop!

First off, I found out that the name of this brand is kinda cute at its own way. Quote by the creator of Jelly Pong Pong, Susan Chyi, Jelly Pong Pong is 'a name which will always be strange to many, was born from the notion of wanting to invoke the eccentricity that is innate in all of us. The fascination & awe that we arouse simply by being different and perfectly unique.' The product that I received is Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss and Cheek Blusher, which happens to be my all time favourite makeup product because it's convenient! 

Eyebrows in a bottle, it says. Brow Extender is from Mircoz, a brand which carries 'Do It Your' concept in each of their products. They believe that we can enjoy the fun of beauty even at home! I can have fuller looking eyebrows because of its Natural Tiny Fibers and Natural Italian Clay. 

Last but not least, Scent Affair Fragrant Body Wash in Almond Oil. Scent Affair caters several body wash scents that could ease our mind, calming us and bring back our sweet and happy memories. I always heard of the ad of this brand in the radio but I couldn't find it. Thanks to HiShop, I am able to try it out and share my thoughts with my lovely smexies. 

Are you thrilled with all these fabulous beauty products? HiShop is currently having flash sales on Jelly Pong Pong! It will be an opportunity for you all to discover your possible new love, just look at the new packaging! 

Also, I have another fabulous surprise for you all! HiShop is giving away an exclusive discount code for my dear readers! You can now get RM20 rebate off your total purchase (with minimum of RM99 of course). 

The code is. *drum roll please* 

By the way, I'm not sure which product I should review first. Can you help me to choose? Just leave your comment below and I will review the product that has the highest votes! Thanks love!


Butterfly Project - Spa Party contest entry

Hey smexies!

 Have you heard of Butterfly Project Malaysia? It is a beauty community based in Malaysia where local beauty and lifestyle bloggers gather with a focus and from the heart, soul and passion. Butterfly Project designs monthly projects for bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goal and dreams with inspiration and full of ideas.

While I was playing extreme water sports.
I keep missing out their previous projects due to overload work I had, from studies, assignments and society commitment. I couldn't spare some time for my blogging passion. However, now that I am having a semester break, it is time hit back to blogsphere =)

Butterfly Project is organizing the ultimate spa party for community in this coming June. It will be the best opportunity for me join in and have fun with other influential bloggers. Why would I want to join this party? There are three reasons I would like to share with you!

1. My society just organized an extreme water sports activity last Saturday at Asian Water Sports Village. After playing extreme water sports for whole day, now it is the time to relax and have non-extreme/girlie activities with other awesome beauty addicts. I am a girl and I'm obsessed with manicures, pedicures and glitters galore!

2. I am a fun person!
Well actually, I am fun and shy at the same time. Spa party is an awesome time for me to expose my true self - crazy to other people. Thanks to the overload works I had with my university, I might have a mental issue and spa would be a great escape from stress! Crazily fun, I have prepared my bath robes and slippers with me (It's all in PINK!)

I am a girl after all.

3. Beside all the fun activities in the spa party, meeting new people would be a major plus plus! I would LOVE to meet new people. Think about it, although we usually communicate each other through the powerful Butterfly Project group on Facebook, I just can't wait to meet you guys personally! Wouldn't it be fun? We can be bf - 'blogger=friends' and share our favourite things together-gether!

Beside all these three reasons, I am delighted to hear there will be an awesome collaboration with few of my favourite brands!

Thank you so much to Butterfly Project's for organizing this wonderful event for all of us! If you are interested, why not join this contest as well? You might have a chance to meet all awesome people (including me as well provided I got pick!) Do visit Plus Size Kitten's post here for more info!
The big grin on my face *so excited!*
I hope I will be seeing you babes soon!
xoxo *wish me luck*


Hey smexies! I went to Pavilion yesterday with my parents for a delightful Korean cuisine dinner at Da On Fine Korea Cuisine, one of my favourite Korean Restaurant!
I love to dine in here because the ambiance and food are great!

After having a heavy dinner, my dad decided to join the fun at the centre court of Pavilion. Apparently, Pavilion is organizing a summer carnival inspired theme conjunction with Despicable Me 2 movie - MINIONS! Who doesn't love minions, seriously who doesn't!?

I really love the concept so much, it's fun and exciting. Since now it's school holidays, I bet all the kids are thrilled to join the fun at Minion Cool Holiday carnival =) Even me, as an adult is still screaming for minions!!

We headed to carnival booth for fun activities. I miss going to carnival, Malaysia has the worst carnival I dare to say lol. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Because the stalls are not exciting and the equipment is old and ewww.. (speechless)
I went for shooting game because I had high confidence. Thanks to National Service training, I had the opportunity to learn how to use M16. I scored 5 out of 10 and I got myself a small teddy bear!! I told my boyfie who was also a trainee that he should win a HUGE teddy for me :P this is to prove that he is a man!

Have a fun summer peeps! Ooo, I finally get to wear contact lens again! =)

STRIP: IPL Treatment

Have you been stripped?

I was invited to go to STRIP: Ministry of Waxing for an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) underarm treatment few weeks ago at Solaris Dutamas. You guys might be wondering: I often go there for waxing and never heard of IPL, what is that?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses specially filtered beam of pulse light to disintegrate unwanted hair from root, it is an advanced semi-permanent hair reduction method. This technique delays the growth of new hair and furthermore, a percentage of hair may not re-grow. IPL can be done on almost any area of the body, such as the legs, Brazilian area, back, underarms, arms and upper lip.

Every STRIP outlet has their own theme, Solaris Dutamas outlet theme is inspired with music studio. The interior design of this outlet is cheerful and inviting, making me sure that there's nothing to worry about!

The treatment room is warm and cozy. By the way, this is actually my FIRST time for removing hair treatment at STRIP (I normally go DIY - honey and sugar!). It was kinda awkward for me to step into the room and stripped nakedly. However, the therapist told me to relax and enjoy the treatment.
Breathe, it says
Although it was awkward at first, my therapist relaxed my mind by asking random questions, such as 'How are you?...You're studying...Owhh... ' Before the IPL treatment, the therapist would shave my underarm hair. Next, she would apply chilled roller on my skin before zapping it, making sure that I would have the best experience. IPL does not hurt, it gave me a tingling sensation and I was grinning throughout the session wutlol. Anyway, I didn't know that the session took 5 to 10 minutes, I expected it would take roughly 30 minutes. I would say it was fast and effective.
Chilled roller
The Ferrari of IPL machines - these machines are customized  according to STRIP  standards.
It's been few weeks now after the treatment and I dare to say that IPL is really effective. Not only my hair is starting to fall, it is obvious that my underarm pigmentation is reduced! I am really satisfied with the result. I am thinking of doing IPL session in the future (when I work lol). Imagine with just 6 sessions, I would have a hair free situation of about two years or more! 

And guess what, if you are still skeptical about the whole IPL treatment, STRIP has an exclusive offer for a first trial of IPL treament:
  • IPL Brazilian treatment : RM188 RM900
  • IPL Bottom Half Leg treament : RM188 RM900
  • IPL Underarm treatment : RM88 RM450
  • IPL Upper Lip treament: RM38 RM112
This offer is valid at all STRIP outlets until 30 June 2013

Believe me, after the whole zipping session you would be able to see the result! The outlets of STRIP in Malaysia are at:
  • The Curve
  • Bangsar
  • Sunway
  • Lot 10
  • Solaris Dutmas
For more information, why not visit to or enquire at their Facebook Page: www.


Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Hey smexies, summer is here and I bet most of you couldn't wait to head out and grab the latest pieces from the fashion world. I know I can't wait because I just LOVE summer! Well, maybe most of you love to shop online, come on! it's simple and efficient. We don't have to queue for a fitting room or make our way to a particular mall. With just a click of our finger, these babies are ours!

Now, where we were talking? Oh right! SUMMER!

Have you heard of Pink N' Proper? It is one of the few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, Vero Moda, Boohoo, ASOS and many more, which are not usually found in our local retailers (which is true!). Moreover, they do ship worldwide.

Introducing Pink N' Proper Spring/Summer Collection 2013 collaboration with my blogger friend, Angeline! The collection features summer-ready and spoilt with trendy choices such as florals, pastels, edgy and delicate embellishments from various brands such as Rare London, Coco's Forture, Paprika, Fashion Union, H&M, AX Paris and ASOS.  Get ready to be spoiled with trendiest clothes from Pink N' Proper:

#1 Rare London Paneled Skater Dress in Red | RM 159
#2 Fashion Union Stacey FLoral Dress in Grey | RM79
#4 H&M Betty Blazer in Blue | RM119
#5 ASOS Off-Shoulder Lace Peplum Dress in Blue | RM159
#6 Rare London Lace Top Contrast Dip Hem Dress | RM139
#7 AX Paris Structured Sleeves Bodycon Dress in Beige | RM99
#8 Rare London Sheer Dip Hem Dress in Mandarin | RM139
#9 Coco's Fortune Floral Fringe Kimono | RM179
#10 ASOS Rosette Dress in Hot Pink | RM179
Their choice of clothes are gorgeous. With its unique texture and details, ladies we could have an extraordinary summer in looking pretty! I personally fell in love with several pieces and I bet you girls do right? Guess what! Pink N' Proper is giving away 10% discount to all of you until the end o 2013, it sure does sound pretty awesome!

How to get it? It's simple, do look out for the discount code at the sidebar of my blog!
It is "Gorgeous Summer".

By the way, do like on their Facebook Page for more updates! They also provide promotion, Weekly Wednesday bargains, sales, member's only events, Fashion Inspirations and more!

Pink N' Proper website |
Pink N' Proper FB Page |

Have a fun summer peeps!