05 April 2013

You do need a party hat

I always want to have a beautiful decoration for my parties, especially birthday! Don't you love the ambiance created with amazing decoration and activities? Unfortunately, it is really difficult to get the right person to assist you in making your special day memorable.

However, Party Hat is here to the rescue! What's a party hat you asked? 
No, it's just random party hat you wear during happy hour or on birthday. 
No, it's not the name of a clown. 
No, it's definitely not a fake Pizza Hut 

Party Hat is actually a party planner team in Klang Valley!
Party Hat provides these several services: 
★ Mobile party hosting
★ Party planning ~ birthdays, full moon parties, weddings and social gatherings.
★ Design party supplies ~ banners, chocolate wrappers, cupcake tags, gift tags, food labels, water bottle labels, napkin tags, straw tags, etc. according to your theme.

Which are basically what I would die for in any events and activities! Based on the design, Party Hat must be a creative genius team. I love some of their designs on personalised party printable, it's really creative and fun!

One of the service provided from Party Hat for party princesses. Cuteness-overload~
Pamper your princess on her birthday

My most favourite service from Party Hat would be their table setup. It is impressive, the details and everything are matching to customers' expectations. Right materials, colours and food are crucial to make an event successful!

Right colour to feast your appetite and mood. =) Light pink is my favourite colour!
Look how organised the setup is!
Impressive table setup in candy theme. Lollipops everywhere with cupcakes and candies!
Oh maii~~

Party Hat team will be happy to organise or design your event activities based on your personal interest and budget! I approach them to know more about their functions and they are really friendly to talk with! 

If you want to have a wonderful joyous event with beautiful decoration and fun activities, you can look for Party Hat team!

Contact details
The Party Hat team
Blog |Email: partyhat.my@gmail.com |Facebook: Party Hat 

What's your favourite service provided by Party Hat? Leave you comment below and we will have a little chit-chat together! 



  1. That looks really nice and cute! *-*
    It´s a pity that we don´t have this lovely party service in germany :´(

    Much Love