26 February 2013

Oh journals

I miss blogging about my personal life, that was my initial purpose of starting a blog - to share my life with you or more a less a space for me to rant every pieces of my life I could find. I like to rant, a lot. Just because my horoscope is Cancer, it doesn't mean that I LOVE to keep stuff to myself...

Not at all. In fact, I love to rant rant RANTT!! 

Okay, seriously, even though my university semester has started, I don't feel like I'm studying or anything. However, I have to be in the campus almost every week for attending meetings only. One of my lecture has left oversea for two weeks whereas another lecture of mine is on leave due to personal matters (I only have two subjects in this semester). After CNY holiday, most of my friends hadto come back to their classes but I was still at home shaking mah legs. Exaggerating much, I actually had to prepare house parties for friends and relatives. mehh...

Maybe I should start to read all the journals that my lecturer gave to me. There are more than 10 journals await me, I feel like I've been defeated by the JOURNALS. Not to say I hate journals, I actually like to read journals. It is just that I'm still having CNY hangover, I need time to recover :D

OKAYY... I will start to study tomorrow. I swear. =[
New Year, New purse! Random much
Alright, I have to stop now. It's late and I need to sleep! I don't want to have insomnia like yesterday, as a result I had to dismiss the meeting early in the morning! I'm a bad VP T_T

Good night!!!

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