16 February 2013

Interesting Chinese New Year Gift

My parents bought an interesting Chinese New Year gift from Jaya Grocery few days back. It's called '食乜糊'. In Cantonese 食糊 (Sheek Woo) it means winning in Mahjong game. 食乜糊 (Sheek Mutt Woo) on other hand means 'Are you sure you win the game?' or 'How do you win the game?'

The box is printed with the names of winning games such as 大四喜,清一色, 大三元,etc... I am clueless in Mahjong I couldn't differentiate the winning options of the game! >< I only know 碰
The box comes with a cute little note explaining the mahjong is actually made up with pineapple tarts!
And this is how it looks like! So cute right, it looks exactly like Mahjong! But we can eat it, it's sungguh yummeh!

Dear Mahjong players, can you tell me what kind of Mahjong I'm having here? I have no idea what this called, is it 大三元?

I really love interesting food packaging because it is 1)cute 2)interesting 3)how it relates to us! If you have friends who are a mahjong addict, this would be an ideal gift for them! For those who are celebrating Chinese New year, I would like to wish you to have a prosperous New Year with luck and health and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!