Innocent purple REVISTED

I'm so happy that I could do my monthly makeup challenge (all thanks to my 2013 resolutions), last month I tried to achieve Revlon Shanghai Collection look and now I'm up to revamp the look for Chinese New Year and Valentine's day!
I named this look as innocent purple because the colours are much softer than previous look, perfect for visiting family and friends during the festive season without looking over the top. Also, with this sweet innocent pink complementing the purple, it brings sweetness to your eyes for Valentine's day.

It is simple to achieve this look. All you need is two eyeshadow colours: pink and burgandy and a highlight colour, preferred with shimmery texture to brighten up the eyes. Now let's get started, shall we?

  1. Apply a innocent sweet pink colour on your 2/3 eyelids starting from your inner corner. Try not to apply over your crease area. 
  2. Get your favourite dark purple shade (here I have burgandy) and apply it on your outer corner. Avoid the purple getting into the pink shade, we will do that later!
  3. Now, get your blending brush and start blending the colours in sweepping motion, this will 'harmonise' the colours bringing out a beautiful gradient effect.
  4. Your eyeshadow setting is completed! Time to line your eyes with black eyeliner (I'm using gel liner). Remember to connect the lower line with the upper line! This would make your eyes look bigger.
  5. Add a shimmering highlight on your lower eyelid to brighten the look. Also, remember to apply the white shimmer on the centre of your crease area, this would bring out the 3D effect!
  6. Curl your lashes with mascara... and you're done!

Simple isn't it? 

If you preferred to have a more dramatic look, you could always apply false lashes! I'm just lazy to apply falsies here! hehehehe

I hope that you love this look as much as I do! Do tell me what your thoughts of this look, I'd love to hear your opinions!



  1. This is pretty...I love purple. Thanks for the step by step how to, I'm not too savvy when it comes to applying makeup but this is helpful and sounds easy enough.

  2. Purple! perfect for the CNY this year. Very sweet looking as well.