08 February 2013

Burger-licious, so delicious

I'm not a burger person but I made a deal with my boyfie last Saturday - to have burger with him for dinner! +Wondermilk was having a The Mighty Burger Fest in one of their outlets, Damansara Uptown.

The Chuck Norris burger was quite a challenge to me, one of my friend came up to me and mentioned that eating 'Chuck Norris' is impossibru because nobody could finishing Chuck Norris up *except for Bruce Lee, WHAA-CHAA* Challenge accepted.

I had daily-wear makeup with me for the dinner, I'm obsessed with eyeliner because it makes my eyes bigger. I have Asian eyes 'cuz I'm ASIAN *still, I love my crazy-tired-looking-eyes* I had to become the driver of the day because my boyfie had injured his knee during his futsal match (noob will always be noob XD, no cure)
Enjoying sunset view while waiting for boyfie 
When we got there, the place was fulled of people and the smell of burgers. We ordered Chuck Norris and Zombie burgers since the names were interesting. I had to become his so-called 'waitress' of the day too, I had to ambil the ketchup, burgers, and etc. all he did was giving me was a 'not impressed' face when the restaurant was out of chili sauce.

Behold, Chuck Norris is making his way to my tummy! lolwut

After omm nom nom-ed the burgers, I decided to drive back to Puchong just for chocolate lava cake, also known as 心太软 at Tong Pak Fu! I insisted to have it before calling it a day because I'd been craving for it for such a long time!
His and my dessert of the night!

It was nice to spend an evening with him occasionally, we seldom go out for food hunting as we are busy with our studies. He has his exams and I have my Student Council to manage, we just cannot find one day to meet up. However, we do sms each other everyday just to kepoh and butt in about our daily life, mostly talk crap, seriously crap.

I hope you enjoy reading my non-beauty related post, more of like my kepoh life. :D


  1. woooooooooooo. Can I steal the dessert? It makes me drooling nowwwwwww

  2. So,only wondermilk uptown doing this?

    1. Hi ^^ yea, only +Wondermilk Uptown had this promotion :)