Oh journals

I miss blogging about my personal life, that was my initial purpose of starting a blog - to share my life with you or more a less a space for me to rant every pieces of my life I could find. I like to rant, a lot. Just because my horoscope is Cancer, it doesn't mean that I LOVE to keep stuff to myself...

Not at all. In fact, I love to rant rant RANTT!! 

Okay, seriously, even though my university semester has started, I don't feel like I'm studying or anything. However, I have to be in the campus almost every week for attending meetings only. One of my lecture has left oversea for two weeks whereas another lecture of mine is on leave due to personal matters (I only have two subjects in this semester). After CNY holiday, most of my friends hadto come back to their classes but I was still at home shaking mah legs. Exaggerating much, I actually had to prepare house parties for friends and relatives. mehh...

Maybe I should start to read all the journals that my lecturer gave to me. There are more than 10 journals await me, I feel like I've been defeated by the JOURNALS. Not to say I hate journals, I actually like to read journals. It is just that I'm still having CNY hangover, I need time to recover :D

OKAYY... I will start to study tomorrow. I swear. =[
New Year, New purse! Random much
Alright, I have to stop now. It's late and I need to sleep! I don't want to have insomnia like yesterday, as a result I had to dismiss the meeting early in the morning! I'm a bad VP T_T

Good night!!!

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No foundation, no worries!

I understand how it feels like whenever you run out of your favourite foundation, there's nothing left but a concealer and moisturizer left in a corner of the dressing table. You should be lucky because these two products can actually be used as emergency foundation! It happens to me a lot, whenever my foundation has ran out and I need some coverage on my skin, I would mix my liquid concealer and moisturizer together for application.

You will need:
  1. Any liquid or cream concealers of your choice.
    You can mix two different shades of the concealers in order to suit your skin colour.
  2. Facial moisturizer. 
  3. Foundation brush or puff.
Squeeze two pea size of concealers and a 20-50 cents size of your moisturizer. The ratio of the concealers and moisturizer can be 1 : 3 or 4.
Mix them well together and woalah! You have your own version of 'foundation'.

Not everyone like the foundation because it can feel heavy on our skin. However, concealer can be used as foundation because it has the coverage consistency and it helps to conceal wrinkles, redness and etc. Moisturizer helps to blend the concealers smoothly for a better application. My advice is that you can adjust the amount of these products that suit your skin. You may add more concealer for better coverage or vice versa. 

I like this trick because it's simple and effective. It's quite similar to tinted moisturizer and it's suitable for classes and errands. I dislike application foundation for classes because my look may be look heavy and slightly OTT for simple 1 hour class, this trick can refresh my look and not overwhelmed. 

For my eyes, I used:
SILKYGIRL Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ocean Blue
SILKYGIRL Precision Sharp Eyeliner in Black

For my face, I used:
Shiseido The Skin Care Moisturizer
ZA Perfect Fit Concealer in 02
SILKYGIRL Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation in 02

For my lips, I used:
Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Sparking Lip Gloss in Fiery Red

Do share your thoughts with me about this post. What do you think?

Interesting Chinese New Year Gift

My parents bought an interesting Chinese New Year gift from Jaya Grocery few days back. It's called '食乜糊'. In Cantonese 食糊 (Sheek Woo) it means winning in Mahjong game. 食乜糊 (Sheek Mutt Woo) on other hand means 'Are you sure you win the game?' or 'How do you win the game?'

The box is printed with the names of winning games such as 大四喜,清一色, 大三元,etc... I am clueless in Mahjong I couldn't differentiate the winning options of the game! >< I only know 碰
The box comes with a cute little note explaining the mahjong is actually made up with pineapple tarts!
And this is how it looks like! So cute right, it looks exactly like Mahjong! But we can eat it, it's sungguh yummeh!

Dear Mahjong players, can you tell me what kind of Mahjong I'm having here? I have no idea what this called, is it 大三元?

I really love interesting food packaging because it is 1)cute 2)interesting 3)how it relates to us! If you have friends who are a mahjong addict, this would be an ideal gift for them! For those who are celebrating Chinese New year, I would like to wish you to have a prosperous New Year with luck and health and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 


Innocent purple REVISTED

I'm so happy that I could do my monthly makeup challenge (all thanks to my 2013 resolutions), last month I tried to achieve Revlon Shanghai Collection look and now I'm up to revamp the look for Chinese New Year and Valentine's day!
I named this look as innocent purple because the colours are much softer than previous look, perfect for visiting family and friends during the festive season without looking over the top. Also, with this sweet innocent pink complementing the purple, it brings sweetness to your eyes for Valentine's day.

It is simple to achieve this look. All you need is two eyeshadow colours: pink and burgandy and a highlight colour, preferred with shimmery texture to brighten up the eyes. Now let's get started, shall we?

  1. Apply a innocent sweet pink colour on your 2/3 eyelids starting from your inner corner. Try not to apply over your crease area. 
  2. Get your favourite dark purple shade (here I have burgandy) and apply it on your outer corner. Avoid the purple getting into the pink shade, we will do that later!
  3. Now, get your blending brush and start blending the colours in sweepping motion, this will 'harmonise' the colours bringing out a beautiful gradient effect.
  4. Your eyeshadow setting is completed! Time to line your eyes with black eyeliner (I'm using gel liner). Remember to connect the lower line with the upper line! This would make your eyes look bigger.
  5. Add a shimmering highlight on your lower eyelid to brighten the look. Also, remember to apply the white shimmer on the centre of your crease area, this would bring out the 3D effect!
  6. Curl your lashes with mascara... and you're done!

Simple isn't it? 

If you preferred to have a more dramatic look, you could always apply false lashes! I'm just lazy to apply falsies here! hehehehe

I hope that you love this look as much as I do! Do tell me what your thoughts of this look, I'd love to hear your opinions!


Burger-licious, so delicious

I'm not a burger person but I made a deal with my boyfie last Saturday - to have burger with him for dinner! +Wondermilk was having a The Mighty Burger Fest in one of their outlets, Damansara Uptown.

The Chuck Norris burger was quite a challenge to me, one of my friend came up to me and mentioned that eating 'Chuck Norris' is impossibru because nobody could finishing Chuck Norris up *except for Bruce Lee, WHAA-CHAA* Challenge accepted.

I had daily-wear makeup with me for the dinner, I'm obsessed with eyeliner because it makes my eyes bigger. I have Asian eyes 'cuz I'm ASIAN *still, I love my crazy-tired-looking-eyes* I had to become the driver of the day because my boyfie had injured his knee during his futsal match (noob will always be noob XD, no cure)
Enjoying sunset view while waiting for boyfie 
When we got there, the place was fulled of people and the smell of burgers. We ordered Chuck Norris and Zombie burgers since the names were interesting. I had to become his so-called 'waitress' of the day too, I had to ambil the ketchup, burgers, and etc. all he did was giving me was a 'not impressed' face when the restaurant was out of chili sauce.

Behold, Chuck Norris is making his way to my tummy! lolwut

After omm nom nom-ed the burgers, I decided to drive back to Puchong just for chocolate lava cake, also known as 心太软 at Tong Pak Fu! I insisted to have it before calling it a day because I'd been craving for it for such a long time!
His and my dessert of the night!

It was nice to spend an evening with him occasionally, we seldom go out for food hunting as we are busy with our studies. He has his exams and I have my Student Council to manage, we just cannot find one day to meet up. However, we do sms each other everyday just to kepoh and butt in about our daily life, mostly talk crap, seriously crap.

I hope you enjoy reading my non-beauty related post, more of like my kepoh life. :D