Swedish House Mafia -One Last Tour KL

On the 18th January 2013, I just went for my first rave by Swedish House Mafia at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, it was truly magical because I got to experience what rave was all about! It was only my boyfriend and I for this party because some of our friends couldn't make it.
My FOTD for the night!
I decided to wear light makeup without foundation because it will be all sweaty and stuff. Instead, I mixed my liquid concealer and moisturizer for a light base, it is something similar with tinted moisturizer. My eyes was just a simple cat eye with gold glitter on top of it, giving it a disco ball look HAHA, I even purposely bought Essence waterproof mascara to avoid having panda eyes after the event! As for the lips, I used Forever 21 Love & Beauty sheer lip gloss in Red. The lip gloss is actually pretty good, it is not sticky but could last really long! (Forever 21 is currently having promo, buy 3 for only RM15!). With a bun updo, I was ready for the party!

I was kind of regret for not having any drinks before the party, I couldn't get my groove on. lol. Again, the drinks in the concert wasn't that worth (could be slightly more expensive) and my boyfriend doesn't drink. urgh, good guy indeed. As we were in the crowd, I had experience what jemdahunk described on party people's dance moves. Around of us, there were typical 'the chicken', 'the double pump' and 'the fist pump' behind me - my boyfriend. And in front of me, there was a girl who was 'the space huggers', she danced and her hair keeps on masuk my mouth LOLOLOLOL I was like 'EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' I can't dance, all I did was covering my mouth and 'hoolahoop' -.- 
and don't forget, they were plenty 'pok pok' and 'the problematic' LOLOLOL... which one were you on that day?

One thing I really dislike in the party is that... PEOPLE, STOP WALKING AROUND AND INTERRUPTING OUR DANCING WOII Seriously! I mean, come on! When SHM was blasting the most climax part and we went insane, some people would just walked pass me -______- Man, I had to stop dancing just to let you pass... Potong stim betul HAHA Not good lar, the next time you wanna come for a concert, be punctual! unless you got sick lar, you can be excused LOL

Apart from that, the party was REALLY good! Too bad this is the last time we could saw them together (or not, I heard that they will be having a big tour again in August)! Were you there that night? How was it?



  1. Woah! So many ppl went for SHM! I didn't even know anything about them before this week, LOL.

    1. I didnt knoe anything about gda until the day itself!lol

  2. I wanted to go but when I know about it, it's too late :(