An Alternative Way To Clean Eyelash Curler

I usually stock up lots of makeup removers in my room since I often make up, but then sometime I do not understand why I can use up all of the products. It's pain in the ass when I need to clean not only my face, but my eyelash curler as well! 

My dirty eyelash curler, urgh -_______-
As you all know, cleaning makeup tools is really crucial due to hygienic factors, you just don't want to have filthy bacteria all over your face, right? It is recommend that we have to clean our makeup tools at least two weeks once, or even better, 4 days (If you often clean your tools, that's great!!) Recently, I found a way to clean the curler without using any makeup cleanser nor makeup tools cleaner. With only a lighter and some tissues, you are good to go! 

1. Start by lighting up the lighter.
2. Gently light into the curler around 5- 10 seconds.
3. Clean up the curler with tissue.

Damn easy right, I found out that the lighter would instantly kill the bacteria and melt the eye products. However, I wouldn't recommend this because it will definitely damage the plastic lid if the plastic is burned for a long time. Then again, when you are out of any makeup cleanser and you are desperate, (I mean really desperate...) this alternative way would help to clean the eyelash curler.


Lovely Walk with Scotty

Settled in Kuala Lumpur for almost five years, I had no idea that there is a dog-friendly park until I read a forum online. Apparently, Desa Park City offers a great fertility for all dogs owner where they could bring their doggies for a jog at The Waterfront, a lake park in the residence area. My greatest treasure of all time, Scotty, a shih tzu often goes for a jog back in Penang, however once we moved back to KL, it didn’t had the chance to walk around the parks in our residence area.

Poor little doggy but not anymore. We decided to bring Scotty to go for a jog with other dogs in the park!
The park is indeed clean with beautiful lake that reflects the sky, the path is clean with crystal clear pathway. It is really a decent place for taking our favourite pets for a jog. Many people were jogging with different breeds of dogs, from Golden Retriever to Husky and some cute small breeds! Scotty was so excited he saw the park, it was like a ‘zen’ place to him!
That’s him training his stamina, he loves to run but sadly, he is quite old for a long jog. Scotty needs to rest after 5 minutes of jog, this dog is realliieee old but still fierce towards strangers.
Scotty taking a rest
I had a great day taking Scotty out for a walk, it is great for both of us to have healthy lifestyle! Try to take your pets for a walk ya, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle even for animals!


Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100 e Series

Hey loves! Do you remember how awful it was to get our assignments done without a printer? I still clearly remember the incident: I was rushing to my local university photocopy service to get my assignments done, unfortunately, the quality of the printing was a major pain in the ass. Well, that's the main problem for students, Y NO PRINTER IN MY ROOM?

Well, those days are over. Thanks to Ricoh, one of the world's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, has introduced 1st Black & White Compact Laser Printers, Aficio ™ SP 100 e Series printers  which are affordable for personal use and small businesses (from RM299 onwards).

The printers were designed for limited desk space, especially us, the students, we can just place these compact devices on a desktop to enjoy the space for our works or studies. As for the business people who often travels, these light devices can be brought to conferences or meetings to provide access to print, copy, and scan functionally with a carry bag! Talk about efficiency, business people are no longer to hunt for nearest printing shop! Moreover, all models come with starter AIO (All-In-One) cartridge which are easy to maintain and replace, the devices also have an impressive unit life of 50,000 prints! 

Stylish, Compact, Portable. Wanna know more about Aficio™ SP 100 e Series printers?
Head to Ricoh website: for more info!

More good news to all!

Ricoh Malaysia is giving away 100 exclusive rewards upon purchase of any Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100 e Series printer – Instant Rewards, Weekly Rewards and Monthly Rewards.  Customers who purchased the printer will receive limited edition The Dark Knight Rises™ Premium and stand a chance to win Monthly and Weekly Rewards. Just surf here to know more!

Tab 6_Exclusive Rewards_R3

Moreover, Ricoh also having daily giveaways with easy steps. To do so: Just go to and click ‘Daily Giveaways’. From there, just follow three (3) steps:
1. Like Ricoh Malaysia (Official) Facebook Fan Page (
2. Share the campaign site
3. Complete the participation form

List of winners will be posted on the campaign site as well as Ricoh fan page every evening, so be sure to check out everyday!

DEAR STUDENTS, you might be in luck to enjoy free printing service from Ricoh at your campus very soon! All you have to do is to like Ricoh Malaysia (Official) Fan Page ( and enjoy free print up to 50 pages! 50 pages, that is like a whole lecture notes! Free lecture notes, who doesn’t like it!? Kindly refer to their Facebook page for updated campus tour schedule to avoid missing out this opportunity! fb_campus-tour-schedule
For more updates from Ricoh Malaysia,
remember to click a ‘thumb up’ on their Facebook fan page. You know you don’t want to miss out Ricoh latest updates and new products.

To know more about  Aficio™ SP 100 e Series Printers and their latest promotion, just check out at these websites

happy printing! 

Summer in Clinique

It was so nice that I got invited to this awesome event from Xue Ren :) Moreover, this was also the first summer event I'd ever attended. 

To get the party started, it is crucial to keep our skins protected from the harmful UV ray. These are the essential stuff I usually have in my bag for outings, from suncreen lotion to hand lotion. For this event however, I only have basic makeup products with me because I just refused to let my makeup melts on my face.

The 8 Essentials:
1. Biore UV Aqua Rich
2. Majorlica Majorca Compact Powder
3. ZA Concealer Correction
4. Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum' Express Hello Kitty Edition
5. Clinique Super City Block
6. Dolly Wink Black Eyeliner
7. Elianto lip gloss
8. Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater body lotion

The place was packed with party people, DJ jammin' on the stage and the rest were having all the fun in the wave pool, jumping and waving their hands on the air. As we were exploring the place, Xue Ren decided to go for a makeover.

Xue Ren, cute girl indeed!!

Guys, if you missed out the event, you just missed all the hot chics! :P

That's Carmen! A friend of Xue Ren :)
Met some awesome bloggers as well! :D

Carina Yeoh, this is the 2nd time we met
Laura Lee. ahh, finally we could meet up lol
Angeline Ng, cute girl! :)

Gawd, Im like a crazy dude chasing after cute girls.
Pedo-urgh-bear alert.

Every girl's treasure: SUNCREEN!
The event was full of excitement, especially when Dayang rocked on stage. I kinda love Dayang because of her soul/rock/R&B/etc! Many hot chics were they enjoying the sun and party under the wave pool, I wish I could join them BUT WELL, sometimes it is best to avoid water. 

Thanks Xue Ren! for taking this amazing picture :D

Review: Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen

I went to Watsons few days back to restock some cosmetics stuff, my eyeliners are running out and it is definitely a problem for me because I CANNOT live without eyeliner. I'm obsessed with eyeliners. Anyway, I was at Silkygirl counter and saw this liquid eyeliner. As far as I know, this liquid eyeliner has received many positive reviews and also featured in CLEO Magazine. 

(My bare face) Hello!
So I decided to review on this product. 


Let's see... The thickness of this pen is good for me, not too thick not too skinny, which is easy for me to control while applying it. Unlike Candy Doll eyeliner, which is really really skinny, I have to be EXTRA careful when applying it on my eyelids.

The tip of the pen is sharp and fine, which is a +1. I could easily control my line from thin to thick, a handy tool for creating sharp cat eye look. Woots, my FAVOURITE look of all. 

This is how it looks on my eye.
I think.... I love my eyes even more now.

  • Fine grip of the pen: It is easy to control.
  • Fine sharp tip of the pen: Creating thick and thin lines are not a problem anymore.
  • Long-lasting: yes yes!
  • Waterproof: Very very true.
  • Affordable price.

  • Smudgeproof: Depends. I use a contton bud to smudge and it smudges :O

But it is okay, at least it is STILL a good product with its affordable price (We all know that Silkygirl is cheaper than other brands). Give it a try on this eyeliner pen, Silkygirl has been improved A LOT since. Most of their products, especially the lipsticks are really nice! 

One more thing, Silkygirl introduced me to the beauty world. I remember the first beauty product I bought was Silkygirl compact powder! Ahhh...memories...

Finally, a vain pose. 


DRUM TAO: Art of Drum Tour

Are you in the mood for an extravagant experience in the heart of Malaysia? 

Well, you must be in the right timing because DRUM TAO, a world-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaries will be showing their world class performance in KL for the very first time in this coming August!

Date: 24-25 August
Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC

Established in 1993, Drum Tao continue to amaze audience by creating an entirely new art form that is modern yet retains a sense of nostalgia. With the intense and powerful beats of Japanese drums, it would underpin a musical massage that penetrates deep into the heart of the audience. And now, the great performance team will be explode onto KL stage with its electric mix of dance and martials arts as the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums.

Tao Drum has been playing for audiences of more than 5 million across the globe. They have performed in 400 cities, in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Isreal, USA, Australia, Spain Belgium, UK and Germany!! With their world class performances, this is one show that you just don't want to miss!

Here's an video about this awesome performance,

So, are you ready for an exhilaration adventure? Just serve to TicketPro to purchase your tickets: or Establish Events Facebook Page. Be sure to purchase your tickets before 20 July to enjoy 15% early bird promotion!

Why wait!? 

BOH Tea Party 'Ummph!'

I was invited to attend BOH Tea Party last Saturday, held at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall for afternoon tea.

Organised by BOH and hosted by famous celebrity, Jehan Miskin, BOH Tea Party is the culmination of a recent outline consumer contest held in conjection with the latest introduction of two new variants to BOH's Teh Tarik Kurang Manis, with Oats or Ginger. Five lucky winners were there to have the pleasure of getting up close with Jehan Miskin, who was a participant of Malaysia's Celebrity MasterChef.

Five lucky winners, via Boh Tea Facebook Page

Madhavi Rai, 
nutritionist was there to explain the health benefits of tea. According to her, tea contains  antioxidants that able to improve health issues, metabolically detoxify harmful chemicals. Rai also added that moderate consumption is encouraged.

Teh tarik has been Malaysians-must-have-tea for so many years, we always have a good time for teh tarik anytime, anywhere! However, the amount of sugar in preparing teh tarik is overwhelming and unhealthy for the drinkers in a long run due to high level of sugar taking. Rai advised that we should opt for less sugar or even 2-in-1 beverage to control and reduce their sugar intake. 

Jehan Misking, showing his teh tarik skill.

That's why BOH latest Teh Tarik Kurang Manis with Oats or Ginger comes in handy in our fast-paced lifestyle! Now we could enjoy our healthy Teh Tarik at home or even before running some errands. Jehan Miskin added 'it is good to have something convenient and healthy on the go!' With Oats or Ginger selections, we could even be healthier as oats is nutritious and ginger is good for digestion and well-being. Talk about healthy lifestyle!

BOH also displayed their tea products to let the guests to have an opportunity to try out their teas. From premium Cameronian Gold Blend to Garden Teas, to their exotic Songket Flavours and Alternate tea range, and also the highlight of the event, Teh Tarik Kurang Manis variants.

BOH Garden Teas, it is only exclusive in selected tea boutiques. 

As a tea lover, I was so eager to try out each of the selection! Just look at their tea bag packaging, it is so vivid and cute! My partner in crime, Alicia was trying to choose which tea she should drink. Of course, it was a difficult task for her to choose!

'I'm so gonna get this home and store all my teas from BOH!'
Some bloggers who attended the event as well! It was great pleasure to meet them personally, you know, out of cyber world. 

With blogger, Carmen Wong 

With blogger, Jess Ngo

Fore more info:


Liese Bubble Hair Color Review

Hello girls! I have been itching to get my hands on Liese Bubble Hair Color for a couple of months because getting done by professionals really cost a lot. Seriously, it does but the colour do last for a year and plus. Unfortunately, I am too kiamsiap (stingy) for going to the salon so I pick up Liese Bubble Hair Color instead. 

Actually, I was deciding between Liese Bubble Hair Color and Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color. If I am not mistaken, Schwarzkopf Freshlight has just recently gone into local retail market and other products. You can find Schwarzkopf everywhere in your local pharmacy stores (Watsons, Guardian, etc). I was skeptical on Schwarzkopf Freshlight but don't get me wrong, I know their brand is really highly recommended in every hair department, it's just that if I really want to get my hair color done by Schwarzkopf, why not I just seek for professionals? Then again, I am stingy. lol.

So anway, I just get Liese because of the positive reviews. #LIFE SAVER. I choose Mocha Orange because the colour is close to my previous hair dye colour, it could cover my uneven hair colour (orange and black, like tiger LOL). Before that I thought of getting Cassis Berry but I was afraid my hair couldn't adsorb the colour. My boyfriend helped me to decide the colour, he prefers Mocha Orange. :P I am pretty much did a stupid thing for buying two boxes of the hair dye product, ONE is more than enough for my shoulder length hair. #PHAIL

The product is SO EASY to use. Simple instruction was given and all I had to do was massaging my hair with the foam. It is just like bubble bath for kids :D I love bubble bath, it is so FUN-FUN-FUN. While I leave the foam for 45 minutes (it is recommended to leave it for 20-30 minutes but I have thick hair, therefore it is best to leave it for additional 15 minutes), I was enjoying some scoops from ViVi Summer Edition.

I love their outfit combinations! INSPIRATION!

After rinsing and drying, my hair dye process is complete. My hair is smoother and 'shinnier' than before (FOR REAL) because the product contains Royal Jelly Extract and Amino Acid (Moisturiser), my hair never feel so young and revived. I am satisfied with the colour as it is quite similar to my previous hair dye colour (lighter than this).

Ignore my ugly face. HAHA, the colour is soo prettehh! :D

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Colour +1 haha
  3. Affordable price

  1. The ammonia smell is unbearable (at first half and hour)
  2. The liquid is kinda itch my scalp pretty bad (MUST TOLERATE lol)

    Still, this affordable range hair dye product really amazes me with the result :) I really love my new hair colour!! I think I should try Sweet Pink next time, it looks so PINK and sweet at the same time.