Simple trick for colourful eyes

Hey lovelies! I've been searching for beautiful fall make up looks just before 2013, I love fall 2012 makeup trends because the looks are bold and beautiful! from vampy lips to strong edgy bold eyeliners (my favourite trends of all).

To have strong colourful eyes, it was a challenge to me because I don't have a delicate hand to blend the colours smoothly, my eyes most likely would end up like a panda. Luckily, one of my favourite Youtube makeup guru, Gossmakeup has marvelous tips and tricks for achieving the look. He has been giving useful tips on most makeup basics, such as contouring and highlighting techniques, achieving dewy skin, etc. He often gives his tips without any demonstration but still able to give easy learning tutorial from his advice, no doubt, because he is a professional makeup artist. =D

What I am going to now is to show you what he had taught on his youtube channel, simple trick for beautiful eye colour. You may find that his look is greatly different than mine because I don't have any glitter with me -.-

So after you have primed your eyes, go straight with a eyeliner pencil, preferred with kohl (smooth texture) and line your eyes.
It doesn't matter if it's messy =)
Dab black eye shadow along the eyeliner to create a smooth line. After that, use your favourite colour (for me it has to be purple) and dab the colour accordingly. This would create a gradient effect from dark to light colour =)

Don't forget to blend!

Your beautiful eye colour is now complete. Simple eh? Remember to line your eye lid with eyeliner and curl your lashes to be nice and perky! =)

 This is the most easiest trick of all in achieving bold colourful eyes. You can try to use any colour to create your favourite eye look. I added some glitter from my pure glitter lip gloss to add some oomph factors on my eyes, I really need to get some glitter for my eyes :|

You can wear this for parties and the current festive season, new year celebration? Dare to be creative and courage to make your eyes to look BOLD. I simply love eye makeup more than lips. :D I hope this tutorial inspired from Gossmakeup could help you to build up your confident in bold looks.

What do you think about this tutorial? Leave your comment below. Would you dare to try it? :P